I Have Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged as a Rockin‘ Girl Blogger! “Shoot Yeah!” This is a serious honor and I will try my best to live up to it. First, I want to thank… totally kidding. Thanks Lacie! You totally rock too, girl! (I’m not going to tag all my “peeps”, because I want them to be able to tag each other.)

1. Katri – She’s the reason I (and all our friends) decided to join this amazing world of blogging. She’s an inspiration to many and a great friend to me.

2. Lisa – Seriously the funniest person I know. Even if I am the one she’s making fun of. She’s my first phone call with good news and bad.

3. Rochelle – She rocks at everything she does. She inspires me to make my life more beautiful and loves me for who I am.

4. Kelly – Who’s probably been tagged several times because she has so much style and grace. She’s the first blog I lurked on for a while before I made a comment. (She was recently robbed at the airport and I hope that she’s gotten everything taken care of and is doing well.)

5. Migue – She’s in the autism club like me and we completely get each other.

6. Marie – She has the coolest ideas and is a great cook. I love her step by step, how to’s, complete with pictures. She also likes to do crafty things with her kids like me.

Ya’ll have all been tagged… Now you’re it! Who do you think is a Rockin‘ Girl Blogger? (I could seriously go on and on, there’s so many of you whom I admire and am inspired by. I hope that you’ll continue the thread so I can get to know more amazing ladies.)

5 thoughts on “I Have Been Tagged!

  1. Hey Laurie! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m loving this new found fun and connecting with new people! I look forward to reading your blog and all the new stuff you post!

  2. Thanks for including me in a wonderful list. I have never been tagged. WOW, who do I choose now. There are many who inspire me!!

  3. thankyou! what an honor… i feel so lucky. there are so many other people i’d love to tag… i’ll have to think about this long and hard!

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