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Update An Old Look

One of my favorite Sunday dresses is a black and white one I got from Target a while ago. It fits right, it’s easy to wear, and no ironing needed. However, I’ve worn it so much that it has lost it’s flair.

I’ve had a very stessful week and wanted to do something to “fill my cup” w/o spending much cash. So I decided to update the dress with red accessories! I went to Target and got $12 red shoes, bracelet, and necklace! Now it’s sassy and fun again! To answer your question: Yes, I have a red flower and headband for my hair. :-}

I read once, you should always buy your man something when you come home with several things for yourself. So with that in mind, I got Jason a red and black tie to match my dress.
What did you do for yourself this week?

9 thoughts on “Update An Old Look

  1. Lovin’ the red headband! Thanks for your sweet comment the other day, Laurie!

    This week I bought myself a new dress for a wedding I went to yesterday! And man got a new shirt too!

  2. I love that color combo! I bet you were lookin hot and sassy for church! I went shopping Friday, but didnt come home with anytjing for myself–bummer, but I almost equally enjoy buying for my family. I bought a cute plaid little oxford shirt for Lawson at Baby Gap and a few other things for my boys. Too fun!

  3. I swapped bedroom sets with my in-laws. They had a nice Ethan Allen set in their spare room that we thought would look better in our older home. They were up for the exchange. They now own our log bed. Just looking for a fun old nightstand for me!!!

  4. So smart! Now I have a good idea for what to do with all my post-maternity clothes and chubby body. I also love the Tip of the Day. I am adding you to my blog so I can see that and keep posted on your cute fashion sense!

  5. I am a huge headband fan and found several new cute ones at the Talbots sale. I got Dentist husband new scrubs for work (not at Talbots :)).

  6. So creative! I do LOVE adding red accents to a black piece! So funny about getting Jason something. I went to Target Saturday looking for a b-day gift for my hubby and came home with more stuff for me!!! At least I got him something, right?
    And as far as doing something for me (other than shopping), I actually went and got a massage – not something I do…ever! But could definitely get used to! 🙂

  7. Too fun! I love the headband and the matching tie for you hubby! want to see some cute pictures of you two in your “update”!

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