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I finally got about 200 slides converted onto a CD and am in the process of making a Shutterfly book of my childhood. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of my brother Barry. Naked on the counter! Bro this is for you, hope you’re still enjoying my blog! (ha ha)

I’ve always been a good kisser. I guess it’s because I started out young. ;-}

This is my FAVORITE picture of my childhood. It has all the things I love: my dad, flowers, and a good road trip. My dad looks so young and full of life in this picture.

10 thoughts on “My Childhood

  1. What fun to get all these pictures on CD–I really need to do this as well, but have to collect them all from my mom’s house first–you are inspiring me to do it though! What a great idea to make a book too! 🙂

  2. what a great idea Lori! My IL’s have so many slides when my hubby and his sibs were young, of course we never get to see them because they no longer have a slide projector. You will have to tell me how you converted them. 🙂 Great Job!

  3. I love looking back at old pictures! However, some pictures you wish would just disappear! Your poor brother – HA!

    Hey, haven’t I seen a in flower in your hair in recent pictures on your blog! Some things never change!!!!

  4. My Dad had to steel the slides from my mom’s storage shed! (shh don’t tell) It made me sick to think of those pictures melting away. I just took the slides to Sams Club and they converted them for me. FYI: It ended up being a little pricy which I didn’t expect.

  5. I love it! It is so much work, I have boxes of pictures pre-digital that I look at with dread but I know once they’re in I’ll be happy. What a great picture of you & your dad!

  6. That is an ambitious project. Are you caught up on your kids scrapbooks too? Amazing. One question- you are so cute in your headbands. Are they your signature?

  7. Paige:
    1. I’m not caught up on all my scrapbooks, yet. I have 2001 & 2002 left to do. And then I need to scan 1999 & 2000 into digital pictures and then do the books. I know a big project. But I’m looking forward to it and will most likely tackle it when the kids get back into school. I’ve been averaging 8 hours to complete an entire year. So once they’re in school – it should go quickly.

    2. The flower is my Summer Hair. See this post: http://laurieturk.blogspot.com/2007/06/summer-hair.html

    I also wear it because I had Victoria Beckham’s hair cut 2 years ago and am STILL growing it out. That was my favorite hair cut and I’m starting to miss it. However, after all my hard work I’m keeping my long locks. For now.

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