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Funeral, Family, and yes some Fun

We made it home. While we were in Lake Jackson we were able to stay with Jason’s mom and step-dad. We all had such a fun time and it was so nice to be together again. We got to see Nana (Jason’s grandma – pictured above) twice which was a real treat.

With all the loss of loved ones this summer, I can’t stop thinking about how important it is to be prepared. I made this Personal Records Booklet that you can print off free, click here. I’m going to send a copy to both my parents. I have no idea what funeral arrangements they would want and I think it’s so important that a funeral reflects the personality of the loved one.

We were able to take the SeaDoos out on the lake twice over the weekend. Here’s my favorite picture. It’s of Jason and Davis. They’re having some great bonding time this summer and it’s made a big difference in their relationship. Man, Davis is getting so grown up!

Right when we got home, I had to wash the country off the Toby. Right when we got to Lake Jackson he rolled in something gross. I had forgotten about it until we were loading up and then decided that I didn’t want to smell wet dog for 6 hours and decided I’ll wash him when we get home.

We stopped in College Station on our way home and saw Lisa, Billy, and the progress of their house. It’s amazing!! All the way home I was thinking about home decor and everything I could do to it. Then I remembered, it wasn’t my house and will have to let Lisa be in control. (Darn. he he)

13 thoughts on “Funeral, Family, and yes some Fun

  1. Sorry about his uncle.. motorcycles scare me. My husband wants one.. I don’t want the risk… my dad and brother both drive them.. so sorry- that is a lot of people you are connected to that have died lately.. sad.. I know when that happens to me it really puts life in perspective.

    cute idea about the hair bows.. that is great!

  2. Glad to see you got home safe and sound. Looks like there were some fun times. And I love the personal records stuff. I will be taking full advantage of them. THANK YOU. I especially feel nervous about if something were to happen to Josh and I because of Jonathan. Need to get that all set up (we’ve talked about it but nothing like that is written down). Thanks for the reminder.
    Have a great day.

  3. Man, girl! You are so on top of things. You crack me up with your little booklets, etc…

    Glad you made it home in one piece.

  4. Always nice to get away, but just as nice to get back home! My kids don’t do well when they’re off the “schedule” for too long, but oh how I love to shake things up from time to time. Looks like you guys had a great time. I’ll have to print that off for my parents too. Thanks!

  5. What a great booklet. Hmmmm. i may have to order one.
    Love the pictures.The SeaDoo are way so fun 🙂

  6. It looks like you guys had a fun trip!! That’s great that you are getting prepared & I need to send that to my parents too, thanks for the great idea!

  7. wow you make it so easy! i totally need to print a few of these. me, my husband, my mom, his mom. looks like a great time on the sea doos! and funny about the plans you came up with for Lisa’s house. she might ask for input and you’ll be prepared.

  8. I am glad you made it home safe, and sound. What a cute pic. of your doggie…to cute! The booklet is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Cool booklet, and the seadoo looks like a blast! I had to laugh about the funeral arrangements because my dad has his meticulously planned out (including his obituary), and he’s not anywhere near his deathbed. He would probably love filling out the booklet!

  10. You have really had a time of it.
    I can’t wait to get home so we can hang out. this Utah trip is Not my favorite!
    I am so sad to hear of your brother in law.
    I’ll call you tomorrow.

  11. Great idea on the personal records. The hair flowers you are sportin’ this summer are just so cute. (I know I’ve said that before…) They make me wish I hadn’t cut all my hair off!
    Your dog looks less than thrilled to be getting washed off!

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