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The weekend in Lake Jackson

I’m still in Lake Jackson. The funeral was absolutely beautiful. We got there early and greeted everyone we needed to. There were so many wonderful memories and stories shared. Jason’s Uncle has 2 daughters, both in their 20’s but not married. The oldest is my height and you could tell she was the one in charge of the funeral. The other daughter was tall with Lisa’s build (my sister). I couldn’t help but think of Lisa and me at our parents funeral. Later I got to thinking about all the logistics of having a funeral. When I get home, I’m going to e-mail my parents and find out what their wishes are for their funerals. At this point I wouldn’t really have an idea of who they would want to speak or even where they want to be buried.

I have decided who I want to have speak at my funeral and that I want pink flower clips handed to every woman that attends. (ha ha) I know, so fun. I think the import aspect of a funeral is having the person’s personality reflected. Jason was cracking me up when we were talking about it. He said that he’ll be sure to have a complete agenda fully outlined and laminated for my funeral ceremonies. Ahh, He knows me so well. ;-}

My MIL lives on the San Bernard river. With all the rain her dock is completely under water.

This is her backyard which backs up to the river. We made sure we put the SeaDoos in the water a couple times while we were here.

Here’s Dylan and the cousins standing on the dock waiting for their turn on the SeaDoos. Drake cried the majority of the 6 hour drive and has been pretty grumpy. This third kiddo has really worn me out. I don’t seem to have the energy and drive that I once had. We’ll be home late Sunday night.

7 thoughts on “The weekend in Lake Jackson

  1. wow for going to a funeral you seem to be doing great! and i love how your boys match a woman after my own heart! we had a big discussion about
    knowing a persons funeral wishes, and power of attorney etc. and it is so interesting to have you blog about it! and so true. i may just have to have an exit interview with my mom soon so i know her wishes. love the flower idea.

  2. Oh, Laurie! I’m so sorry about Drakie!! I’m glad you got to use the Sea-doos! That’s great!

    I’m glad you’re coming home! Sorry about Jason’s uncle. Having my parents just in that motorcycle accident, this feels to close to home.

  3. Funerals are so hard for me. I have only been to a few. I am so gald that you were able to go and spend time with your family. MY father told me, that he wanted his funeral to be a party. he doesn’t want anyone to be sad. Hmmm. that sounds like want i want. I always love a good party.

  4. Glad to hear everything went as well as you could expect. There’s nothing quite like a funeral to put life in perspective.
    I’m glad to see the kids are still able to have some fun out of the trip.

  5. I am glad that the funeral went well and I think you are right funeral should really reflect who that person was, so planning a few details that you want isn’t such a bad idea.:)

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