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High School Musical 2

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. We moved our anniversary trip to Saturday because we had to have a High School Musical 2 party Friday night! Jason laughed when I informed him. 😉

Everyone had such a great time. However, I will admit that 1/2 way through the movie my kids left and went to play with their toys. All the other kids stayed and watched it.

I don’t know who had more fun the kids or the adults! Here’s my friend, Lisa striking a pose.

Everyone was getting into the signing and dancing! Here’s Tyson (Drake’s BFF).

7 thoughts on “High School Musical 2

  1. I love how so many people turned HS Musical into a big party. Makes it so much more fun! I am always up for a good shin dig! Very cute pictures!

  2. What a good mom- moving your trip!! I couldn’t do that so we missed out on a party (though my parents watched the movie with Julia 🙂 I’m amazed at how many parties were thrown for HSM 2…I thought we were the only crazed ones that loved that movie (though all the gear at Target with HSM on it should have been a giveaway).

  3. Sounds like fun. My daughter loves those movies so much. I’ve only seen glimpses of the 2nd one, but apparently I bet get with it!

  4. I have been listening to the soundtrack all weekend. I have one of those “Dirty old lady” crushes on Zac Efron.

  5. Ok- I must be missing something wonderful! I didn’t even see the first one!

    Did I just put myself in the lame group???

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