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More Pics of Lisa’s House

I’m back in town. Lisa did an amazing job watching my kiddos so my honey and I could reconnect and have some alone time. The cabin was secluded deep in the Oklahoma mountains. I read, slept, ate alot, and snuggled with my honey. (he he) It was a much needed break. Thanks for all your encouraging comments while I was gone. Sorry, I can’t post any of the picture we took. (he he)

Here’s more pics of Lisa’s house since she hasn’t posted them on her blog yet.

I was so bummed, I left Lisa’s trees in my garage. We bought two to go on each side of the couch.

Here’s Lisa’s amazing flat screen. Her builder made her a built-in electronics cupboard.

So we got the vase, rafia, and this cabinet all at Wal-Mart! Cabinet $80, Vase $25, Rafia $6, a wall completed with one-stop shopping in less than a hour. Priceless!

Here’s all angles of her dining room. I’m loving the iron and tin we got at Canton.

I love this tin mirror. Great pic Lisa!

I think she needs this amazing rectangle tin that’s about 3 feet long to go above her door. I LOVE these candle sconces we got at Kirklands. I might just grab it for her when I go to Canton in Sept. Shhh. don’t tell. 😉

This is my favorite wall. Lisa is going to spray paint those pine TV trays red and use 2 as her end tables next to her couch. Awesome idea!

9 thoughts on “More Pics of Lisa’s House

  1. Welcome home, girl! I am soooo counting the days this week, let me tell you. Glad you could get away. I need to get away, too. To the looney-bin!

    I LOVE the tin in Lisa’s dining room. I’ve never seen that one. Also love the tin mirror (of course!).

  2. Rochelle – I know you like the iron and tin mirror because I stoll the ideas from you! You have such amazing taste I couldn’t resist. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Laurie you have inspired me with your fearlessness of spray paint. I can’t even tell that doors that has opened. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my pointer finger! 🙂

  4. Your friends place looks great. What great friends to help each other out. That is awesome. Your get-away sounded relaxing too!

  5. I have missed a few posts.. love your touch of decorating.. you really have a gift! you should totally get paid for it!

    fun to get away for the weekend.. sounds like a great time! it is always fun to get away from it all!

  6. Katri – oooh! I’m totally intrigued. Next time I’m over you’ll have to show me everything you’ve transformed with spray paint.

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