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Meet the Teacher

The boys were so excited to meet their teachers! Davis made a Texas flag (using orange paper because we didn’t have red) and Dylan made a card for his teacher. At the beginning of every year I make an “All About Me Card” for each of the boys to help their teacher get to know them a little faster.

This is Dylan and his new teacher. Dylan’s now in 1st grade and will be at school all day. He is so excited! Last year at 1/2 day Kindergarten he called it “the baby school”. Mainly because his pre-school was 5 hours and Kindergarten was 3. Dylan is so pumped to be able to eat in the cafeteria, go to P.E., and art class. I was very impressed by his teacher. She had a little gift for each child on their assigned desks as well as all the paperwork we needed. She has 3 boys as well.

This is Davis’ teacher. As always there’s a ton of anxiety wondering if he will get a teacher that has not only has worked with autistic children before but will also be structured and loving to him. My principal from last year assured me that he talked to our new principal (our school was just built and is not yet completed) and they have hand picked a teacher for Davis.

After meeting her I wasn’t so sure. Yes she has a lot of energy and is very professional, but the desks weren’t yet assigned and labelled and she looked really young. Davis really needed to know where he was sitting – luckily he didn’t start crying (he would have last year). Jason asked her if she had any kids and she said she had one and that was enough. She mentioned he was a handful. I left thinking – if she can’t handle her own kid how in the world is she going to be able to handle mine along with 20 others?

Anyway, I got a call from her yesterday and all is well. Apparently the Fire Marshall hasn’t approved the school yet and so the teachers weren’t allowed to hang anything up on the walls and weren’t allowed into their classrooms before that day. That made me feel a lot better. She also didn’t know that Davis had high functioning autism before we met her. She said that she read my “All About Me Card” and later was talking to her principal and mentioned the flowers and the card. She realized then why Davis was in her class. Davis’ teacher told me that her little boy is 3 and was just recently diagnosed with high functioning autism as well. The principal said that she assigned Davis to her not only because she felt it was a good match but also so she would learn and be able to assist her own child.

Davis’ teacher said that she was so impressed by Davis and by our family. She said that she’s really looking forward to working with me and learning everything she can so she can help her son. I really enjoyed our conversation and felt a lot better about her. Davis has been so lucky to have had amazing teachers sent as angles into his life. I felt the spirit strong during our conversation and realized that once again Davis’ was blessed and sent an angel. She may be younger than his other teachers but I feel she will bring a different skill set that he will need during this year.

It also made me realize that I do need to step up a bit and step out of my comfort zone and help others by sharing what I have learned. I have a hard time doing that because I feel like people learn more and are more passionate when they figure it out by themselves. However, I feel directed to put myself out there a little more and help those who are looking for help.

Here are my 3 boys in their school clothes. 😉 I love happy pictures because they are so far from reality. Diana just so you know, right now as I’m typing Davis is screaming because Dylan hit him, Drake just opened up the dishwasher, stopped it in the middle of cleaning, and is taking out the silverware. I forgot the sunblock yesterday and so each one of my boys have a little sunburn and my mommy guilt is eating at me.

Also, I woke up this morning to Drake screaming (this is a daily occurrence) but this time when I went into his room, his leg was stuck in the crib bars and his thigh had red marks and his knee is a little swollen. I had to pull harder than I would have liked to get him out. He cried uncontrollably for the next hour and still will not let me console him.

This is my life of drama with boys.

22 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher

  1. So glad to hear the good news about your son’s teacher. I will have to look into your All About Me card idea, sounds cute. My kids don’t start until next week.
    I have 2 nephews with autism, one just barely being dignosed. My step-sister is so awesome when she found out a few years back about her son, she has just dug right into it getting info and helping him along the way, sounds like you too!

  2. oh that is so sweet how that teacher sounds like she will actually work out.. after your first impression and then to get a spiritual confirmation that it will be good.. SWEET!

    get you on the far from reality sweet pictures! so true in our life too! cute matching shirts that is fun!

    I write letters to the teachers each year.. I give them to the teachers before the first day – and it tells the teacher about our family.. and about the student.. stengths, challenges and some things they like to do for fun..and a couple of pictures of them .. I like the teacher to know my kids right from the start!

    it has always been much appreciated
    I will have to look at your link to see what else I could add!

  3. Oh, Laurie! I am SO glad things worked out so perfectly with his teacher! Isn’t it amazing? I love how the Lord watched out for us!

  4. Laurie–Just wanted you to know I love your blog. You are so positive and it’s great to read. I also relate to life of drama (although it’s usually my sweet daughter causing it!) =) Hugs!

  5. That’s great that Davis’s teacher called you! I’m sure y’all will work great together. What a great idea with the All About Me cards!

  6. oh that is such a great post and for some reason made me bawl, you are probably the angel sent to help Davis’ teacher as well! you have such great ideas and even though sometimes it feels like you aren’t making an difference, you totally are in everyones life that reads your blog or goes to your site. you are fabulous! and Davis is lucky to have a great mom that worries, but copes with her reality! some days are better than others for all of us! you deserve the tiara today!

  7. Ugh! Only two more days!!!!

    I’m glad she called you back and you were able to learn more. I’m surprised she didn’t have any info before you showed up. How great that she has a son with autism. That sounds just heaven-sent!

  8. LOL- The last part of your post sounds SOOOO like my days!!

    I am so happy that things are looking up for the school year! It says a lot about a teacher that she would take the time to call YOU and talk on a more personal basis. You are a GREAT Mom!

  9. laurie… every day you absolutely amaze me! you are definitely a super woman. i love the all about me cards. i’m sure the teachers love that. thanks for all your ideas, and all the inspiration!

  10. Wow, you guys are really being watched over and blessed! I’m so happy to hear that the teachers seem to be the perfect fit for your boys. They all look so handsome in their blue and green polos! You know, sometimes I wish there was more blue in this family…pink gets a little overwhelming sometimes. 😉

  11. Oh you know I feel your pain with the boy drama!! I am so happy that you feel better about your sons teacher. I always pray so hard that my kids will have great teachers. We have always been blessed for the most part in that area.
    I am also glad to hear that you have normal children that fight and argue with each other. LOL I am not the only one!!!!!!—Yeah!!!

  12. That is really wonderful that Davis has a good teacher. I think she will learn alot from him and you.

    I did the All About Me Cards for the boys this year and it was great. I even recived an email from each teacher telling me how much they enjoyed the cards and getting to know a little about the boys. Thanks for the great idea!!

  13. 🙂 I love reading your blog it always encourages me to be more positive about my children, and makes me feel better about the worries I have for my middle daughter (she has high functioning autism too!)

    Have a neat day!

  14. this was a great post! i could relate on many levels…first of my twins broke his leg that way in his crib!!! It was a nightmare. second of all my Asperger boy starts school next week with a new teacher/new program and i’m already getting butterflies! back to school is a stressful time for these kids. love the all-about-me cards…great idea! hang in there…

  15. laurie,

    thanks for your drama day comments. makes me feel more normal. but truthfully, you still are such an amazing person, you have it all together and you are my inspiration! (despite any hard days)
    i love ya! Diana

  16. I really loved this post. I love how warm you are to the teachers. I also love how you made me think of something totally new. Maybe you can teach this teacher something to help her and not just have her teach your son. Life is full of amazing opportunities. Cool!

  17. You have such great look’n boys! They must get it from our side of the family 😉 I do love Jason’s facial expression with Drake holding the flower in his mouth! I’m the boys have good teachers and way to go on the All About Me Cards!!

  18. I am so glad things are working out. I think that she will be such a wonderful teacher. You are an amazing mother. This story definately sounds like divine intervention!

  19. Wow! How awesome is that? And how lucky for both of you that this wonderful teacher will be that much more interested in Davis and how to help him because of her own son.
    So glad that things are working out!

  20. glad the teacher will work out in the end. You really are amazing and have so much to offer–maybe it’s the other way around and you were sent to her to help her out.
    And life with boys–yep, I totally understand that one! Aren’t they just so fun though–even when they are being crazy and wild–at least you know they are really happy! 🙂

  21. Oh and I loved that you said, “I love happy pictures because they are so far from reality.” Amen. Couldn’t agree more.

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