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Ok ladies. You can’t get me hooked on your blogs and then make it private. Therefore yanking yourself away from me so suddenly. I’m not sure what Jill said or what has caused this sudden rash of needed privacy but it’s just not nice.

I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t read some of your blogs in 2 weeks. I got caught up in a book and some needed girls nights. I am repentant and am trying my best to catch up.

Therefore, if you read my blog regularly, odds are I read yours and expect an invite! You can e-mail me at laurie[at]turksworks[dot]com. That’s my personal e-mail.

It looks like I’ve already missed the deadlines to contact you personally, like yours Donna & Jen. So if you have a private blog invite me dadgum it. I miss you, I really do.

13 thoughts on “Private Blogs

  1. The password protect thing is so MEAN! don’t they know blogs are all about spying? if you ask for the password the spying high is negated! Plus, how can old boyfriends find you and see how cute you still are? OK, I may have a blogging problem

  2. Can you believe it???? What is up with all of this need for privacy???? I feel like I am in Hollywood! LOL I missed some deadlines to, but I feel like they arent missing me. Oh well! Dont you go private on us now!

    I missed yours Jen also, I would still like to be blogging friends!!

  3. that is a great face.. sorry for the frustration.. I just follow the crowd.. but I also did find out some guy in my ward has read it and or is reading it.. that kinda creeps me out.. anyway.. whenever I figure out the privacy thing I will add you!

  4. I hate private blogs for two reasons.

    1. It makes me think I need to go private for safety sake, which I don’t want to do.

    2. I’m not allowed in!

    Glad you are public! And love your place mats, by the way. They are gorgeous!

  5. What’s up with that??
    I have a hard time with the whole private blog thing. Maybe it’s because none of my “real life friends” blog so much (they think they have better things to do- the nerve!!)so I know no one would check mine out if it was private. And I’m all about lurking. It stinks when you see a sweet comment and try to trace it and it’s private.
    AMEN sister….and would someone please tell us what all the pandemonium is all about?

  6. i know i was bumming at Donna going private too.

    ok Laurie, check out your tiara award on my blog. i said it earlier and wasn’t prepared for your visit. so check it out and make it happen for someone who inspires you , that does great things, or need a boost! you deserve a tiara for all in inspiration you share. for being the mommy of all boys, and for enjoying your reality, not just surviving it!

  7. i was thinking about going private, but decided i don’t want to be shut out from other people. so i leave out there for everyone to see, including stalkers.

  8. LOL!!!! The picture cracked me up!

    I got a not so nice comment one time on my blog and it kinda shook me up. However, in a couple of days I was over it and kept blogging.

    I kind of understand the privacy thing, but then again I want to read about the going-ons of everyone I have gotten to know!


    I thought private blogs were for people who had enough friends and didn’t want anymore…hence why I don’t have a private blog, BUT once I’ve got enough cool friends I’m going to cut off all you weirdos for sure!

    Seriously though I get the weird comment issue that’s why I have my comments moderated. Has anyone else been blog spammed or is it just me?

  10. Hmm. Interesting perspective. I think the fact that my blog is private makes me feel safer to record more personal thoughts.

  11. I know I just started visiting some that you actually have to register for in order to leave a comment and then you get an email and you have to confirm. Seems like too much trouble to me. I enjoy the process of reading, visiting and having people visit me and so LOVE random comments from BLOGS I’ve never heard of and as you can tell from my list of FAVORITES I’ve been around.
    Have a great weekend!
    Sandy 🙂

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