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Fun Day Monday

Here’s the iron I bought at Canton last Saturday. I’m so pleased at how it turned out. We had a bit of trouble hanging it yesterday. I went a little over board on the screws because I wanted to be sure it didn’t fall and hit me while I am sleeping.

I couldn’t resist, I tried all of the stuff Lisa bought at Canton in my house. (he he) It’s not every day you get to try it on before you buy it. Unfortunately, this candle holder is the only thing I found a place for (in my dining room). Bummer. I’ll have to add two of them to my birthday list. 🙂

I have a standing babysitter every Thursday to help keep my sanity during the summer. However, this week I switched and asked him to babysit on Monday. Lisa and I went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum and then went to a salvage tin shop. I loved the movie. It left me wanting more… but I really liked it.

Lisa was inspired by Rochelle’s headboard, she’s going to make one similar for her guest bedroom.

I forgot to post this for the Grandparents. Sunday, Davis had a lesson about Christ’s resurrection. His teacher is very creative and comes up with ways to keep Davis attentive during class. This week she cut up a white sheet and they wrapped up Davis in “linen” just like they did for Christ. To his delight, he got to take some of it home. As you can imagine, this is what happened when we got home.

The boys were having so much fun trying to wrap each other up. Drake seriously wanted in the action but thank goodness he was too timid to get involved. Of course, it ended up with Dylan getting hurt and the strips of cloth in the trash. But it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Fun Day Monday

  1. Iron looks great. I have a few iron pieces in my house. I love the look if them.

    OH Rochelle’s rooms looks so nice. Both you girls are so talented. Cute pictures of you boys.

  2. love that iron piece.. very neat looking above your bed.. yeah, that wouldn’t feel to good dropping on your head in the middle of the night..
    so what is canton?
    awesome about the standing babysitter, great idea.. my babysitter has been gone most of the summer!
    your boys are so cute! that primary teacher sounds great!

  3. You seem like such a great mom! I love that you are able to let them have fun and laugh. I love your decorating style!

  4. That headboard is awesome. I am thinking I might to do something like that for my master bedroom. Seeing all the fun things makes me want my house to be done now!!

  5. Lauralee – Canton, Texas. It’s a city that has 1st Monday Trade Days. 100’s of Vendors get together the first weekend of every month and sell their products. Kinda like an upscale Flee Market. I haven’t been to a Flee Market but I would imagine it’s like that. I bought that iron above my bead for $50. There are some great deals and amazing one-of-a-kind products. It’s complete eye candy and a fun girl day.

  6. where do you get a teacher like Davis’? I need to hire one for J. His “helper” is leaving for his mish and this last sunday was it…they are in the process of finding another helper. Heaven help us!
    Also love the new decor!

  7. I love your iron thing! I have a great one above my bed too, but then we got an iron bed so now it’s just too much. It’s on my household list of things to do to move it. Maybe someday.

  8. Ooo la la… love the new iron. I may have to lift that idea for my own bedroom. I’ve totally got the Canton bug. I need a few new pieces to spruce up the old habitat.

  9. your house looks beautiful! I love the new Iron – sounds like you have very fun shopping areas to find great things – lucky you!

  10. I am with Mique, sign me up for the great teacher. Not that his teachers are bad just not really attuned to what is best for him. Love the new bedroom piece by the way. What a find!


  11. i love live the tin headboard! I totally wanna do that! are you going to post instructions? so i can copy?
    so cute i love the iron too! what a deal!

  12. You have such an eye for beauty! Love your home! And I would do the same thing if I had iron hanging above my HEAD!

    Love the Bourne movies and cannot wait to see the new one!

    I have had a standing babysitter as well. It’s the only way to truly enjoy my kids in the summer! Mom’s need to breathe!

  13. I love Canton! I haven’t been there is a while- when it cools down a bit I will have to make a road trip!

    I have just got into the “iron thing” and love it!! I have tall ceilings and it really adds to all the empty space on the wall.

    I love the one you got a Canton- Only $50! I say money well spent!!

  14. How I would love to see your home in person – what great style you have!!! I LOVE that headboard (looks so hard though).

  15. Don’t you love how everything that starts out fun usually end with someone hurt?

    By the way, I just read your comment that you bought all the dollhouse and accessories. Very sweet. You are a great mom.

  16. The iron looks wonderful! I think you just gave me a new idea! 🙂 I wish I lived closer. Canton sounds like my kind of place! 🙂

  17. I love the bed! I want to see the movie. I’ll have to set up a date with my husband and go and see it. (For girls night I want to see hairspray and I think my husband would rather go see Bourne than hairspray.)

  18. CrazyMama – I’m sure Lisa will put all the instructions for the tin headboard on her blog once she has it finished. I have two major blisters on my fingers from sanding it down. Ouch!

    Click on ‘Rochelles Headboard’ link, she has the shop where she got it from linked. She mounted it onto some lumber to give it some dimension from the wall. I think Lisa might frame it in molding. I think she’s planning to paint it in a blue, then brown, and sand it a litte so the blue shows through.

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