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Here are the projects I’ve completed this week. I had an extra board laying around from the family name board I made and added some molding around the outside. So I decided to make a calendar holder. Every year I make my own calendar with fun family pictures from last year. It includes all the birthdays, V.T. reminders, yearly activity reminders, etc. It’s looked kind of dull just hanging on the wall, but now it matches my decor! I used vinyl lettering to do the “Turk Times”. (Turk is my last name)

Here are the place mats I made for my round table. They are reversible and in some fun colors and prints.

I made 2 sets so I’d be able to wash them often.

22 thoughts on “My Projects

  1. I LOVE the placemats you made! I have a round table in my kitchen, and somehow the rectanglular placemants just don’t work.

    Did you use a pattern? Or are you just super crafty and made your own? I’d love to know how you made them!

    I discovered your blog last week while following some bloggy trail! De-lurking now because all your projects have inspired me!

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Mer – yeah I made my own pattern. I made the pattern on paper first. Basically, I just made it the size of the rectangular placemats, used the edge of my table to made the bottom curve, rounded all the edges, and curved the top inward. I double stiched around the edges leaving lots of room. Then I cut the edges so they will frey in the wash. I wanted to scan the pattern for all to use, but it’s too big. I’m glad you like them. Now I feel much better allowing my children to eat on my new table. 😉

  3. Oh, I forgot. I used two different patterned fabric and put batting in the middle. I used white but I wish I had used the oatmeal color. It shows more than I thought it would.

  4. I love the calendar! I needed “something” to make our family calendar more eye pleasing!

    The placemats are great! I love the idea of letting them “fringe on the ends!

  5. What fun accomplishments!! I really love the calendar holder. I might need to borrow your idea for myself too!!!

  6. Cute as always- where do you find the time? Someday I’d love a personal home tour (you have the best ideas and style)….

  7. She finds time by making her unsuspecting sister come visit and then makes her cut all her place mats so they fringe. I think I might have carpal tunnel now!

  8. Rock on girl! What a productive weekend! I love both things. The calendar holder is really cute. You are awesome.

  9. You are amazing!! You are always doing such fun crafty stuff! I loved that board & would love to make one but I’m not sure where I could hang it. Thanks for sharing all your cute creations.

  10. I am so glad to have a new blogging friend! You look like you have a darling family and home! Very cute calendar and place settings, how do you find the time with 3 children? Way to go!

  11. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. Wow–you’ve got some really great creative ideas! I’m so jealous of people who can sew. What a great skill to have.

    How did you leave that picture look alike post? I’m new to the blogging thing and all I know how to do is post pictures.

  12. thanks for stopping by my blog …. and for your lovely comments! thanks! enjoy your day …. luv chanel

  13. Dancin Queen: To make the celebrity look-a-like post:

    1. Click on the title link. (it will take you to the home page)
    2. Click on Face Recognition at the top tool bar.
    3. Then click Celebrity Collage
    4. Click on “Create my collage”
    5. Follow the steps
    6. At the end copy the HTML code.
    7. Then paste the HTML code in your post in the “Edit HTML” tab in your create post.

    So fun!

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