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Lunch with the Girls

Some of my friends arranged a luncheon yesterday. Yummy food and great friends, what a combo.

Tatiana made this dessert with a white cake, poked holes, and then added jello. It was moist and full of flavor, yummy!

Drake, however, has not grasped the concept of Mommy’s birthday week. Hmmm.

16 thoughts on “Lunch with the Girls

  1. that is so awesome that you have friends that celebrate your bday for a whole week. Happy Birthday to you from me 🙂

  2. LOL! D. looks like my Little Bit this morning! He loves his car seat-Ha!

    Nothing like friends and food- you are totally right! Oh- and for me a bit of coffee!

    Happy birthday week!

  3. WHat great friends! Love that they planned something just for you…
    bummer that poor Drake wasn’t into it. Seems like once you’re the mama, birthdays are never the same!

  4. I am sorry I didn’t make it…I had strep throat, so be glad I wasn’t anywhere near you this week! Happy Birthday!

    P.S. Do you ever take a bad picture of yourself? You always look good & I’m wondering if there’s any nightmare photos in your closet?!

  5. You look great! Sorry Drake wasn’t behaving…he does look cute in his baby blue and gray camo though. Happy Birthday Week!!

  6. Thank you guys so much for all the “Shout Outs!” Y’all ROCK!

    Also, I’m stressing a little bit, I accidentally rejected someone’s comment. I’m so sorry! I hope I don’t offend anyone. I wasn’t able to read it or see who posted it, it happend so quickly.

    I’ve had a comment of mine deleted so I know how it feels to be rejected. Again, so sorry.

  7. That’s so funny because I just got on and thought, “Well, she must not have liked my comment”. This made me laugh!

  8. Tiffany – I’m so glad I realized I hit the wrong button. I’m such a dork. That’s what I get for clicking on everything in such a hurry. I’m glad you posted again. 😉

  9. Happy Birthday WEEK! how fun! what great friends! and my hubby loves Jello poke cake and makes it all the time! yummy birthday treat!

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