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Birthday Party Ideas

I love to throw birthday parties for my friends. It think that at least once a year you should let the people close to you know how much you appreciate them.

Here are some of my Girlfriend Birthday Party Ideas:

1. Around the Clock Birthday: This is a great spin on the surprise birthday party. Have friends and family members go to the birthday girl’s house every hour on the hour.

2. Spin on the Gift Card: Instead of collecting money and buying a generic gift card, attach the money to something that represents the gift. Click on the link for more details.

3. I’ve already given my Friends are Like Flowers idea.

4. House of Money: I’ve done this recently as well. My friend wanted money to decorate her house, so I made this house and filled the windows, door, etc with cash.

5. Song Card w/ CD: Katri submitted this tip to Executive Homemaker, she made her friend a CD and then worked the song titles into the card.

You can get further instructions and pictures at under Gift Ideas then Girlfriend Birthdays.

Here’s a great tile my friend gave as a birthday gift idea. Enjoy and throw a kick-butt birthday bash for a good friend. Also, I’m in desperate need of some new ideas. So if you’ve got one please leave me a comment! Y’all rock!!

13 thoughts on “Birthday Party Ideas

  1. HAppy b-day girl. I love all your b-day ideas.. Hey i mailed some of my PIF gifts. I am so excited to get the name for the blog friend for the Witch Switch!

  2. Happy Happy Bday- I know it was your birthday week but which day exactly?
    My friends did the around the clock thing for me a couple of years ago and I felt like a queen. It was amazing. Every hour. Different friend. Different gift. I have lots of bday ideas (we’re big on bdays around our house) but I’ll email them to you….

  3. My friend put together a game that was all about me. She and several other friends gathered the scoop on me during different periods of my life. It was hilarious, embarrassing and a total blast to play with all of my friends for the rockin’ 30th birthday party that they threw for me!

    You can check it out on my blog. I think the post date is August 26th.

    I love the Around the Clock idea, that would be such a fun thing to do!

  4. Tiffany – Shhh! I know. 😉 (totally kidding) I’ve been e-mailing Lindsay. She gave me the how-to. I’m going to do that for a friends b-day that’s coming up. I’ll be sure to post how it turned out.

  5. I read off a friend’s blog that they pass around a birthday fairy between the friends and decorate it to suit the recipient. What a fun idea. One of my favorite birthday presents was when my neighbor showed up on my birthday with a sweet card and a birthday cake. I was ecstatic I didn’t have to make my own cake.
    I assume DFW stands for Dallas Ft. Worth? Where exactly do you live? I graduated from high school in Dallas.

  6. Happy Birthday girl!!! I love all of the ideas you have. You and my mom have the same birthday…so I will never forget now. Have a good one!!!

  7. I love that Money shirt. It looks fancy and like there is a lot of money on it! I love the tips on your blog and Tip Junkie!

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