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Birthday Week!

It’s my birthday week! Yesterday Rochelle and I went shopping and bought party favors for the big bash this Friday Night. Today I worked on my Witch Switch project with 2 other friends. I’m crafting all week and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday week. {{big smile}}

Today I got a call and it looks like I’m going to get a different calling (or responsibility) at church. I’m worried… Right now I sing songs in the nursery (18 months – 3 year olds). It’s super fun and requires a whopping 10 minutes of my time. I use the Song Box. I’m pretty much tone deaf but we clap enthusiastically after every song and the kids love it! Have I told you I don’t like change. 🙁

17 thoughts on “Birthday Week!

  1. Just remember the Lord always knows what we need before we do. 😉 Have fun crafting this week! See ya Friday!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you and too many more!!! Sounds like you will have a great birthday week. I too am doing the witch switch- so looking forward to it!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday you cute thing! I hope your “week” is great! Actually, Happy Birthday Month! You deserve it!

    (Enthusiastic clapping in the background…)

  4. Happy Birthday! How fun to craft all week!!
    And that calling sounds totally awesome…hope the new one is just as fabulous!!

  5. Maybe you’ll get promoted to the big kids song leader! I do nursery and all the big kids and love it. I’ll be using your song box. After 6 years in this calling I still love it but it may be getting a little stale so this will add some excitement. Thanks! And I’m all for the birthday week. Cute cake!

  6. Happy birthday! Enjoy your week. My friend and her husband also do birthday week for each other, and they have a blast!

    Good luck with the new calling…whatever it may be!

  7. well happy birthday week! very fun doing crafting with friends!
    i don’t like change either! good luck with that new calling!

  8. Happy Birthday week to you! 🙂 How fun! I love Birthdays! I also worked on my Witch Switch project for a while yesterday. I think this is such a fun swap!

  9. It’s my birthday week also! So happy birthday to you from me. 🙂 Have a great week and remember it’s all about you!

  10. Happy Birthday week! In my household we do birthday appetizers. Just litte things leading up to the actual day…for example, last year I brought home Sprinkles cupcakes for Tim one day, the next day I gave him a bag of reeses peanut butter cups (his favorite). It doesn’t always have to be food, but he is a guy and that always seems to do the trick. Anyway, it’s fun to do and fun to look forward to on your own birthday! Hope your day is as awesome as you!

  11. Happy Birthday Week!

    Oh, Change…Let’s talk about change! LOL!

    You have been a wonderful support with all my changes I have experienced over the last couple of months- I bet this change will be wonderful…if not, you will grow a bit.

  12. WHAT?!? Ava is SO going to miss you as song leader! I soley have YOU to thank for all the songs that she knows. Now I know where she gets her clapping from. Do you know how many times she claps for me a day!? After I unload the dishwasher “all done Mommy? Good job!” clap-clap “After I make the bed, “Good Job Mommy!” Clap-clap-clap – it’s SO cute! Thank you!

    Hope you have a GREAT birthday!!

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