How Did Your House Weather Summer?

It was a very long summer and my house has paid the price! Now that everyone is healthy and the birthdays are over, I can get my house back in order!

How did your house weather the summer? Mine wasn’t so fortunate. The drawer got pulled completely off in our media room,

Food smeared over various walls throughout the house,

Paint on the walls from the boys crafts,

Paint is chipping off the doors as well as toy marks all over the doors,

Davis’ door on his locker got pulled off! Also, my car had food and soda splatter everywhere, and my carpets had spots everywhere too. Seriously, yuck!! So it’s time for some fall cleaning.

I couldn’t be luckier because I opened the door yesterday and Lisa was standing there!! She surprised me with a visit and a birthday cake. She Rocks!

So what do I do to reward my giving sister? I put her to work! We vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in both our cars. (If you notice Drake in the background – I found out pretty quickly after taking this picture – that he was SIPPING old soda out of the trash can! YUCK! He’s totally busted in this pic.)

Lisa touched up the wall paint throughout my entire house, and I touched up the pait on all the doors and baseboards. Yeah!!

Lastly, I shampooed the carpets downstairs. Here’s Drake helping me pre-treat by rubbing it in. 🙂 It was such a productive day! Thanks Lisa!!

19 thoughts on “How Did Your House Weather Summer?

  1. How fun that Lisa came! We missed her at the party.

    My carpet totally looked worse for the wear after all the rain this summer. I had it cleaned a week or so ago. It really made me happy.

  2. wow! lucky! you are so ambitious and inspiring! makes me wanna do my fall cleaning! i think fall is almost more important that spring , because like you displayed , the kids wreck havoc on our homes all summer long! way to go!

  3. Sounds like fun sister bonding! You guys work while we neglect our kids, eat, and get pedis. My house weathered the summer OK, it’s the kids the house won’t survive. They should come out with a tattoo of a number of a good handyman on their ankles.

  4. Actually looks kind of fun! It’s so nice to get those little things taken care of. I need to get on all those things, too!

  5. Good luck recovering from a Full House of Boys kind of summer. Glad your sister surprised you with a visit–and donated some of her own elbow grease! 🙂

  6. wow, that was quite the damage! we didn’t have near that much trouble, but we also don’t have little boys living here.

  7. My house needs a face-lift! Sisters are the best! I love it when my sister comes over to help- we call her the white-tornado!

  8. You guys are so funny! It was so much work! We started at 9:00 am and finished about 9:00 pm. I worked her so hard I’m worried it’s going to be months until she comes to visit again. 😉

  9. WOW! That’s so great that she was able to visit and that you guys could do a little bit of clean up…
    The pic of Drake- He lives at my house too, although his name is Gigantor and he loves to get things out of the trash to eat or drink. What’s up with that? I don’t know how to stop it either…

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