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Did anyone watch Oprah’s show on Autism with Jenny’ McCarthy and Holly Robinson-Pete? I’ve been wanting Oprah to talk about this subject for quite a while and assumed she had but I missed the show. I’ve written in about it a couple times.

I was really impressed by the show and the “mom-power” attitude it had. I was relieved to know that I’ve done everything with Davis that had been suggested. (Whew!) I felt like she explained how it feels to be a mother with a special needs child very well and the strain it has on yourself and on your marriage. “You Go Ladies!” And thanks for opening up peoples minds and hearts on this rapidly increasing issue.

My hope is that people as a whole will look at these little guys with compasion and understanding (unlike my school district), and love them for their special talents and for the special little people they are.

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  1. As a mother of a child with ADHD I hope that my child does more than just irritate people! Oprah has previously done a show on autism as well- it was very good! I’m so glad she’s exposing the world to these issues!

  2. Sorry I missed it. I have several friends with kids with high function Autism and I have seen them struggle with public perception of it. Hopefully, I can find it on Youtube.

  3. Wow what post.
    My older son has been tested his whole life. I was told that he had Autism, learning disabilities ETC!!!! I was going crazy not know what is was.
    So we took him to neurodevelopmentalist this summer. They told us that Jakob did have a learning delayed. They taught Ryan and I how to do this Neurodevelopmental Home Program, Which i did with him all summer. Jakob did make a lot of progress this summer and he is doing better in school. But he stills has some long hard roads head of him. Ryan and i work with jakob every day. We are also very involved in his class ( i help out a few times a week) and with what is going on in his school. Jakob is a great kid and i know Heavenly Fathers has a great plans for our son.

    So sorry for the long comment.
    Yes i did watch Oprah’s show on Autism with Jenny’ McCarthy and Holly Robinson-Pete.

  4. I watched this show in complete awe and wondered if this could really be the same Jenny McCarthy that was on “Singled Out” on MTV all those years ago! She was AH-MAZING!!! I was so empowered by her mommy strength, and loved that she wasn’t going to just sit back and take whatever the doctors were feeding her! Good for her for knowing her son well enough to know that the doctors were wrong.

    It’s funny, while I was listening to her talk about fighting for her son and being his only advocate, I thought about your Mama Bear post, and how much you two have in common.

    Mommies Rock! (That was totally Jenny McCarthy old school)

    By the way, did you not love her hair???? I LOVED it!

  5. I agree, it was a good show. But why is Jenny McCarthy so HOT? She’s needs to have 3 more kids in rapid succession if she wants to feel real mommy pain.

  6. Jennifer – After reading your comment, I re-read my post and realized that it did not say what I meant or reflect the attitude I was trying to accomplish. You know both me and Davis, and I hope you know that I would not pass that kind of judgement or make a blanket statement on purpose.

    I was specifically referring to the conflict we are having with our school district and what they were implying about Davis. I should have referrenced that in the post instead of assume that everyone read my Mama Bear post. You know what “assume” means. I should have known better.

    Please accept my apology and know that I certainly did not mean anything negative towards children with ADHD. I have the highest respect for all mothers, especially one’s who face additional challenges. I will change my post to reflect what I really meant by that statement.

  7. I saw it and totally thought of you and what I’ve heard of your fights for Davis the whole time! Not being completely familiar with autism myself – I thought what Jenny said about the kids having autism and not “being autistic” was SO good. This disease shouldn’t DEFINE these little guys.

    And how empowering it was to watch the love these Mommies had for their kids just as a mother… amazing!

    I LOVED Jenny’s hair too! SO wish I could pull that off!

  8. I thought of you, Laurie when I saw the show. I thought both of the women were fantastic!!!

    Way to be a strong and educated mother- what a blessing that he has a mother like you!

  9. Laurie, I absolutely loved the show…not to mention Oprah in general! People magazine has Jenny and her son on the cover this week too…

    It’s funny how we view actors and actresses as a certain way based on their persona through TV, but Jenny really is an amazing and inspiring person. I too was surprised since she was on Singled Out, but talk about Mommy strength and that little woman thing called intuition.

    I’m so glad that shows like Oprahs educate those of us who don’t know much about subjects like Autism.

  10. I watched parts of the show.. I was impressed! It really stuck in my mind that these kids have autisim and are not autistic they are children first. I loved that.. A few years back my girlfriend and I taught a primary class with 2 boys who had autism… it was tough.. and the boys did some kinda crazy stuff.. but we just loved them..and found out what worked for them.. and just did our best.. as they are children of our Heavenly Father as well..

  11. i saw this and it was awesome!!!! i gained a whole new respect for Jenny McCarthy, and learned a lot and was inspired to learn more.

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