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I Have the Best Sister!

I’ve just got to brag a bit and give my sister her proper props!! I got a huge package in the mail last Friday. After my honey confirmed it wasn’t from him, I opened it and was in complete shock and awe!!

Not only did Lisa research and find exactly what I wanted for my birthday (these two wall iron pieces), she rounded up cash from my family to pay for it. She’s seriously THE BEST!! Thank You! Thank you to everyone who chipped in and especially thank you to Lisa who did all the work to make the day such a special one.

Back story: In August when we went to Canton, I showed Lisa these wall hangings I wanted for my birthday. I used much restraint and decided to wait until September. Well, to make a long sad story short, I couldn’t go to Canton in September. I was really bummed out because this is all I wanted for my b-day and now I had to wait until October. (It’s only 1 weekend a month).

Lisa to the rescue!! I was so surprised and excited. (Yes, jumping up and down screaming, the whole bit.) I waited until my actual birthday to hang them up. They’re the perfect size, color, and decor I needed for that space. YOU ROCK LISA!!!

If you don’t already read Lisa’s blog you should! She’s so freaking funny! (And obviously wonderful!) 😉

13 thoughts on “I Have the Best Sister!

  1. Oh i love it!!!! We have a lot of the same taste girl. I think we all need to go shopping sometime. Come to washington. heeheehee

  2. Fisrt of all I want to wish you Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you had such a wonderful week of festivities! 🙂

    What a wonderful gift from your sister, and family. How nice to have a sister that can pull something like this off for you!

  3. So cute! Looks gorgeous.

    FYI–I sent you a package for the “Pay It Forward” contest I did. I forgot to put a card in it, so just keep your eyes open and know it’s from me.

    I know I said homemade, but it was about as homemade as I could handle!

  4. Lisa sounds like such a fun sister!!! She’s hilarious too. 🙂

    I am going through sister withdrawals – – mine just moved to Hawaii…

  5. Happy Birthday.. I sure hope your week was awesome.. what great friends you have who gave you such fun things! AWESOME sister.. I love those wall hangings.. they are perfect.. that is cool she went to all the trouble! Happy day! and I have to say you are so pretty! that picture at the top is soo beautiful!

  6. What a great surprise! It looks so good on your walls, you really did have a perfect spot for them. Aren’t sister’s the best! Love to check your blog, you have such wonderful friends and family!

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