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Laurie & Rochelle’s Birthday Bash 2007

As promised, here are some fun pics of the birthday party. Rochelle and I made T-shirts to proudly display our ages. We both agree that you should own it and wear it proudly, so we did! Julie used this “L” bling on top of my present so I decided to wear it. Rock On! My soul sista’s coming out again. 🙂

Katrina and Katri made Rochelle and me these AMAZING pajama pants!! They did such an incredible job and they added little extras to them…

On mine, they sewed “Shoot Yeah!” on the side!! Seriously, those girls ROCK!

I helped organize Rochelle’s birthday basket with her P.J. pants and it didn’t even occur to me that they would make me some. But they did one better than that, they made P.J. pants for themselves too!

Here are the goody bags I made for the pinata loot.

Here’s our pinata…

Filled with 73 pieces of jewelry, bookmarks, and other beauty stuff.
It was such a fun part of the night!
We played “Gorilla” and “What if/Then” which was so crazy fun. My belly hurt I was laughing so hard. I just have to thank everyone who came and made the night so much fun. I left feeling like everyone had as much fun as I did! I hope that was the case.

I am so grateful that I have found such a fun, accepting, non-judgemental, and crazy group of girl friends. We are each so different from each other but embrace that fact. We can let loose and be ourselves with each other. We can also be real: real sassy, real moody, really happy, really sad. I adore that about these friends and feel so blessed to have them in my life.

Thank You Ladies!! You made my birthday so special and lively. I couldn’t have asked for more!

15 thoughts on “Laurie & Rochelle’s Birthday Bash 2007

  1. I shoulda been at that party. Looks so fun. When I actually meet you someday and move to Texas I’ll be at the next one. That’s my kind of pinata.

  2. What FUN! I agree… ya gotta OWN your age! This may be harder for me to “own” when I add on the years – but be happy with where you’re at. SO much FUN! And good girl friends are the best!

  3. Happy birthday, buddy! What a great night, huh? Thanks so much for helping me throw such a fun party. I talked to so many people at church today who said that they hurt from laughing so hard. It was a real blast! I am still on such a high from being loved so much. It really was amazing.

  4. I love reading your blog and Rochelle’s too. You TX gals always seem to have so much fun together! What a great support system. (Especially my old college roommate…who I see in some of your photos! Cheryl S. I LOVE HER!!!) Happy Birthday…enjoy!

  5. Such fun!!! Glad you have such awesome friends to help celebrate you special day! Happy Birthday!! You look great too! I may have to steal your idea and throw myself a party!!! Love the pinata idea!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday too September Sista! I agree embrace your age. I am thrilled to be fabulous and fifty. Oh wait it’s Fabulous Fifty.

    Where in TX are you? My son and his family just moved from Coppell to AZ… reluctantly. He served his mission and went to college in TX so he is Texan at heart.

  7. How fun…this post makes me want to throw myself a party (the big 3-0 is fast approaching; a couple months). I LOVE all your ideas.
    HAPPY HAPPY B-day today..oh and one more thing- I am sending your package tomorrow (sorry I was going to yesterday) b/c I was finishing up your present….hope you like it! 😉

  8. SO MUCH FUN! I need a group of girls to do stuff like that with. What a great idea for a grown up pinata! I’d never seen that before!

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