A Little Venting

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This is purely a venting post on my part so don’t take personal offense to what I have to say. I just need to express myself and let it out! We got a call yesterday from Jason’s mom telling us that Jason’s ex-brother-in-law (xBIL) was killed in a car accident. Apparently xBIL was driving drunk, hit a car, which spun him into a telephone poll. He was killed instantly.

Luckily no one else was hurt or killed. xBIL leaves behind 2 children, 6 and 12 years old. He’s been a dead beat dad and an all around looser. I am so angry that he would be so damn selfish as to drive drunk and put so many innocent lives in danger!

Can you imagine what this selfish son of a bitch has done to his children!! Anyway, Jason’s sister wants him to attend the funeral and be there for her. So this weekend Jason will be driving 12 hours and spending time with them instead of finishing some obligations that he had promised to do here for me.

It is so frustrating that this poor excuse of a man (xBILL) has the power to effect my life this way. Here I am working so hard to be the best mother, wife, and woman I can be and this looser has to ruin a goal of mine that has been months in the making. Ahhh!!

I keep reminding myself that funerals are for the living not for the dead. And Jason will be there to support his niece and nephew, but right now it doesn’t help. The thought of Jason going to this man’s funeral where people will say nice things about him makes me sick!

Logically, I understand that I’m being irrational, mean, and unforgiving but right now I’m just angry!

11 thoughts on “A Little Venting

  1. Go and vent all you want girl. I have some family members that are a lot like your Xbrother in law.

    I feel so sad for his children. I am sure your niece and nephew will need your husband support and love during this hard time.

  2. Vent that anger…better out than in & don’t feel bad about it. Yes, drunk drivers are jerks, I totally agree…but lots of us have made bad decisions & some of us have just been lucky enough not to be caught in such a horrible way. You’re doing the right thing having Jason be there to help his family…those poor kids…so sad for them. Sounds like they need a good role model like Jason in their lives. Maybe you’ll find out later it worked out better to postpone your big plans?

  3. let it out baby… it’s amazing to me how people so remote, and not really apart of our lives, can still affect our lives. what a terrible ordeal, i’m so sorry.

  4. You are normal!! It’s nice to know…I was starting to wonder!
    I am totally with you. It bugs me when DH does stuff like that. I don’t like always having to take a backseat to whatever else is going on…lots and lots of whatever else.
    Sorry that things are so cruddy right now. And that’s too bad for those kids. Although it sounds like they didn’t really see much of him when he was alive, eh?

  5. But how do you really feel? jk
    I can totally relate- most of my in-laws are like that-my DH’s siblings- (sad but true)- it drives me nuts but I’ve already said my 2 cents about 3 million times and have just started to keep my mouth shut. It is SOOOO frustrating. And I really feel bad for all the kids involved.

  6. Vent it out!! We all need to do that sometimes! You are good to realize even in your frusteration that your husband is doing this for his sis, niece and nephew- which is EXTREMELY important- and this may just be the start of your husband being able to be an example to them all of what a good husband/father should be. Be GRATEFUL you have YOUR husband and not some dead beat dad! What a blessing! Vent away though!

  7. gosh i read this and forgot to say way to go being real! if you are peeved it is ok to say so! as long as they don’t read your blog of course , that bit me in the butt once! BUT! you need a safe place to do it! and we are more than happy to say it is OK with us! sending you happy vibes that the kids will be great and your hubby comes home safe! and those kids aren’t scarred for life. drunk drivers are lame. i always hate taking a back seat too. it seems like everyone else always comes first.

  8. I’m so sorry! That has got to suck, and I have a few x-bil’s that are like that too. That is very nice of your hubby to support his sister.

  9. There is NOTHING more agrivating than drunk driving. I could vent for hours about this one topic – I’m sorry for your loss (your husband for the weekend, not xBill).

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