I’ve been crazy busy throwing my last birthday party and finishing up my Witch Switch craft. It’s late and I’m so exhausted I’m going to try to take a nap tomorrow.

This post is way overdue! I want to thank Mique for sending me the backpack tags that I won in her giveaway. My boys LOVED them and it made them feel so special. Also thank you for …

this awesome BOO banner that she made me for my birthday. I love it!! It fits perfectly on my mantle. Thank You!! My boys really like it too.

I also received a “Pay it Forward’ gift from Wendi. I’ve just got to say that Wendi and I could definitely hang in ‘real life’. I’ve been rockin‘ out to the CD she made me for days! Thank you so much Wendi. My boys have almost got the CD memorized. 😉

5 thoughts on “Mail!

  1. whoohoo! on more birthday love! or posts about it anyway! very cute banner! and rocking back pack tags too! ok bummer about you missing out on the lunch of the season!! with me and my posse and Lisa! we’ll be sure to post pictures of the fun! maybe I’ll make Lisa come to girls night out with me if she isn’t busy!

  2. YEAH! I’m glad you got your stuff- sorry it took me so long. I hope those tags were ok- I found it tough to make them for boys (girls are easy…I didn’t want to make them too girly so it was a bit of a challenge).
    And I’m glad you liked the banner- my first attempt. But it does look good on your mantle! 😉
    Yeah for birthdays and good mail!

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