23 thoughts on “My Latest Guilty Pleasure

  1. I WANT to like those SO bad! They look so fun and yummy! I was at a shower the other night and a girl from Korea made them from scratch- I can’t stand them for some reason! Even your picture looks good!

    I LOVE chocolate (Devil’s food) cake with cream cheese frosting. I can’t EVER make it- I want to eat the whole thing!

  2. I LOVE California Rolls. I also love cheeseburgers from In ‘N Out. 5 times in 12 days while on vacation in California. Yeah, I’m addicted.

  3. OK, that is HILARIOUS about your son showing you the tweezing commercial. Too funny!!! (such a cute pic. of him by the way).

    I love Cali rolls! I don’t think we have a tast of Asia here, but that picture made my mouth water.

    My latest guilty pleasure is “Flipping Out” on Bravo…and the occasional US Weekly (shhhhh).

  4. Ok- I have never had a California Roll and it sounds like I’m missing out!

    Guilty pleasure…maybe blogging.
    Oh…and internet shopping- it is the best to have it at your front door without loading one kid in the car!!!!

  5. Oooo… I LOVE california rolls. Let’s have a lunch date!

    My guilty pleasure is I am a total Diet coke wine-o. Cheryl’s son was selling a card for school that offered 99 cent Route 44s from Sonic for a YEAR!!! Oh my gosh! I’ve hit the mother-load! (so, very excited) I’ve only had the card for a week and already gotten my $15 out of that one.

    Thank heaven I am not a wine bibber… No “social drinker” here… I’m sure I’d be constantly buzzed and permantly looped!!!

    Also, I love fabric, it’s a weakness. I seem to buy it all the time with no specific project in mind. Sick, sick, sick-o!!. I probably need to caffinate myself to the brink of insanity, and then stay up for am all night, snooze-ya-loose sewing marathon.

  6. TOO many to list – but it’ll always be Braum’s Rocky Road icecream and lately it’s blogging and my hollywood gossip!

  7. I just started eating sushi. I am not very adventurous when it comes to raw fish but a friend of mine said “try it, it won’t kill you” so I did and now I love it.
    But my guilty pleasure is probably Cherry Limeades from Sonic.

  8. Oh so many pleasures…if I have to list a food than I guess I would choose (1) warm brie with French bread, (2) Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, (3) Sonic cheddar peppers.

    I don’t even have to list Diet Coke…that’s not a guilty pleasure…that’s a necessity! We joke that we need to wheel around a little tank of diet coke like some people wheel around oxygen.

  9. OH! Those look yummy.
    My GP at the moment is vanilla ice cream, cashews and caramel sauce. Being on Weight Watchers it really isn’t the best treat but so worth every last point and then some!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sandy 🙂

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