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Party Time!

We had Dylan’s 7th birthday party on Friday. It was so much fun! He wanted a transformer party.

The Invitation

TOP SECRET! You are asked to help on a special rescue mission. Galvatron has stolen the matrix, without its wisdom and power the Autobots will be defenseless against the evil Decepticons. They plan to steal all the earth’s resources and destroy it. Please help the Autobots get the matrix back and save the earth. Join Dylan at our secret base, etc…

We went on a hunt for the stolen matrix.

Played memory Transformer style by matching up the guy to what it transforms into.

Played Transformer Bingo that I made. You can print it out for free on

Can you tell this is my kid!?!

After the hunt, snacks, presents, and cake, they watched the old Transformers movie upstairs.

I made each guest their own Transformer Bingo game as their party favor with a package of M&M’s inside. I play every bingo game with candy. 😉

Davis was home sick on Friday and made the “Happy Birthday” banner by drawing and cutting out each letter and then tying it together individually w/ string. I was really proud of him!

I uploaded everything including the agenda for the Transformer party onto and you can print it out free, click here.

33 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. I LOVE giving brithday parties!! I always about kill myself getting everything done- BUT I really enjoy every CRAZY minute of it.

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  2. You are VERY creative! What a special gift you have to be SO talented. The party looked great. And I love all the scrolly-swirly things in your home. (banisters, wall decor) Very cute.

  3. What a fun birthday party!!! They are so much fun to plan and get ready for, most of the time. My tykes birthdays are coming up soon. So we have the birthday bug going on at our place. Thanks for sharing all your fun tips!! Looks like the party was quite a success!!!

  4. WOW! You are truly amazing. I am so touched and impressed by his brothers birthday banner. It must have been really time consuming, what a sweetie. I love seeing stuff like that. Your blog is always bursting with inspiration. Sometimes it overwhelms me… how do you get so much done? You make me feel behind. We did move all our toys upstairs and that has made life a lot better… so many more projects so little time. I can’t seem to do anything without my twins undoing it at the same time! I really am glad I found your blog girl!

  5. looks like an awesome time! i may just have to let my son have a birthday party this year! since you did all the brainstorming! all I’d have to do was clean the house!

  6. Your poor future daughters-in-law! They’re going to be dealing with men who say, “Where’s my birthday bingo!” They’ll never be able to live up to the coolness that is Laurie.

  7. loved dylans party! happy b-day! you are so creative! jordi asked for a transformer party but i didn”t know how to do one! now that his party is passed, i get all the good ideas from you! i hope davis is feeling better. jordi has been soooo sick also. not fun. i love ya girl! diana

  8. Rebecca – no problem I have a Transformer Birthday bingo for him, if he wants it.

    Rochelle – LOL! You crack me up girl. (Birthday Bingo, ha ha!) I’m a sucker for a good bingo game. Especially when played with candy.

    I can honestly say, I haven’t considered the bar that I’m setting for my daughter-in-laws. Hmmm… I’m ok with it. 😉

    Hopefully they’ll marry women who can cook. Then they’ll be far superior to me. If they feel the pressure, they can always just print everything off ExecutiveHomemaker. See how easy I made it for them. I’m so considerate. (he he)

  9. What a wonderful idea for a birthday party! You are so creative and I love how you gave them games for their goodie bags!

  10. Did you know the “old school” version of Transformers says Holy S**t in it? Neither did I, but apparently my boys did. Broc decided to use that particular phrase while at a friends house playing. He can’t remember to flush the toilet but he can remember the one thing we wish he’d forget. The power of the media. Laurie, the party looks like it was so much fun. I am sure you were looked upon as the cool mom. Way to go!

  11. Wow! This is SO awesome! I have been searching the web for some good ideas on throwing a Tranformer party for my soon to be 7 year old boy and found your blog… I am amazed and excited to have found all of your wonderful ideas and resources,thank you SO much for sharing them.

  12. WOW! Terrific! Could you help me?
    My 6 year old wants also a Tranformer Party but I am not that creative. We are doing it outside and he wants the hunt with clues.
    Do you mind sharing with me your clues and questions?

  13. Astrid – Yes! I’ve done all the work for you and you can print everything for free on Click on the links in this post and it will take you to the directly to the Transformer party.

  14. I am having a Transformer birthday party for two of my three boys on Saturday. This post came up on my google search for Transformers birthday parties. Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas. 🙂

  15. I am planning a Transformer Party for my son in a couple of weeks. I have a quick question – Where did you buy the mini-cons for the “Search for the Lost Matrix” Game? I’ve been looking online and can’t find any…Thanks!

  16. Love the Transformers party ideas! I'm having a small party for my son this coming Saturday and just stopped back to your site to access the printable Bingo games…but the executive homemaker's site is gone! Just my luck for procrastinating…do you by chance have anything saved that you could share?

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