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What Did I do Today?

I babysat a 4 month old and a 2 year old. I was a little worried because I thought Drake would be jealous. Oh no. He loved the baby and was very gentle with him. Good Boy.

He enjoyed the baby’s car seat too.

Here are some fellow bloggers right in my church (above pic)! I knew Jen had a blog but I thought it was a food blog. Y’all know I can’t cook so I haven’t visited much. Now, I’m excited to see what’s been going on in her life. Mandy just moved in today and has been reading my blog. It was so fun to meet her. Yeah!! They completely rock and you’ll have to check out their blogs.

Tonight we had an ice-cream social for church. I had 3 goals. One to finally meet people, two to bring up blogging, and three to introduce a friend who just moved in. I’m proud to say that I did all 3! It was really fun to try to work in blogging into every conversation I had with every person there. FOTFL!! It gave me something to do and I quite enjoyed it.

I got everyone to liven up a bit and give me the ‘Rock On’!

Fun night. Thanks ladies. Life is just more fun with a camera. (btw: I’m not liking my hair down. Any suggestions? I see my hair dresser next week.)

16 thoughts on “What Did I do Today?

  1. I thought my Luke would be jealous of our new baby cause he’s kinda tough on other kids that are smaller than him, but he’s her biggest fan!
    I really need to make more friends in my ward. I somehow feel like because we’re only going to be living here until April that I don’t need to make as much of an effort. . . but I should.
    As far as the hair- get bang! I’m in love with mine. (Seriously I am not all about myself- but I just love this cut!) It’s like you have an instant style w/out even doing it!!!

  2. Laurie- you are the most social person I know! Man you have a lot of friends! That is awesome!! You are like Julie- you bloom where you are planted!

  3. What a great idea – an ice cream social – you all look like you had a great time! Hope school is going well for you – I’ve been so crazy it’s taken me awhile to catch up on everyone’s blogs! Have a great weekend!

  4. Drake looks so small in the 1st pic and then extra long in the next. He’s so cute! The social looks like so much fun! Love your shirt šŸ˜‰

    I agree, the camera even made grocery shopping fun!

  5. Watching a extra one you deserved a night out! Looks like a fun night. I feel like that’s all we talk about when we are out with the girls BLOGS!!

  6. It looks like you had so much fun! I like your hair!!! I tend to go a little darker when the fall/winter are on it’s way.

  7. Oh that baby is so small. OH i miss having a little one in the house. But i don’t miss getting up at night. What a fun party you all had. LOve all the pictures.

    I am going to get my hair cut and color today. I donā€™t know what i want to do. Hmmm, stressful.:)

  8. first I think you have great hair.. I love to change my hair though and do all the time.. well I never color it, just cut it and even got an “oprah” perm a couple years ago!

    those rock on pictures are cute.. that will be fun to look back on someday! fun to get to know new people and have so many bloggers in your world..

    sweet baby! how fun to have a baby in the home.. very sweet!

  9. It was a WAY fun night… we had a great turn out and a fun group there. Thanks for helping liven things up – you’re good with your camera! And get people to do funny things that you don’t normally see them do. So fun! And thanks for the publicity for me and my blog!

  10. What a great idea to do an ice cream social to get everyone moving. My husband and I were just talking about this a couple of days. So many new people have moved into our deadend street. Three or four houses have made it patently clear they want to have nothing to do with the rest of us (too bad for them.) But we’ve all been talking about doing something and fostering that sense of community.

    You’ve inspired me!

    I found your blog via a comment you made on another blog about my Blogroll . . . at least I think it was too me. I got a little confused.

    You recommended your friend Rochelle’s blog but I couldn’t find her URL. Will you let me know where I can find her? Please?

    In addition, please drop by mine and simply click on Join in the LDS Blog Webring. We’d love to have you on board.

  11. what a sweet little baby. I know mine is only a few months older… but those few months are the difference between being swaddled and not. Also, teeth, crawling and such… it just goes so fast.

    I like your hair. šŸ™‚

  12. Oh so fun! And you always look so GREAT in all your pictures–You inspire me to look decent everyday–because you just never know when you may end up on some one elses blog! šŸ™‚

  13. Hey, Laurie
    you are such a fun person! Thanks for taking so many pictures of our night – and Miles!

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