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Katri posted a hilarious post about “Guilt-kinz“. You’ve got to check it out and be sure to read the comments. Seriously, you guys are too funny! Gramma just sent the boys a box with a Webkinz for each kiddo. The boys are crazy for them!

I’ve been thinking about it for a little while and realized that they represent something completely different to me personally. Since my sister and I have become really close the last couple years we’ve talked a lot about our childhood. Usually I never even think about how I grew up, it just seems like lifetimes ago. Anyway to make this post shorter, I grew up poor but in a middle-class neighborhood. My dad told me later that he made $24,000 when I was in high school. I can’t even imagine raising 5 kids on $24k a year. No wonder he asked my brother and I frequently for money for food for the family.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I feel so grateful that Jason and I have worked really hard, made the tough decisions, and focused on our goal of giving us and our children a financially secure life. So to me a “pop-culture” item like a Webkinz is such a luxury that I feel very blessed to be able to provide for my kiddos. They’re “Work-hard-kinz” for me.

What are Webkinz to you? Work-hard-kinz, Bribe-kinz, Nap-kinz, Guilt-kinz

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  1. You really have me thinking. I think I probably grew up like you did… my dad was a prof. with 7 kids. I don’t know what that salary would be. but not a lot?! Yet my mom always made sure we never wanted. Whether she made it herself or sacrificed something for us to have it.

    It’s interesting to grow up and realize how much was sacrificed for us. How do we teach kids about sacrifice so that they don’t become indulged? Or lazy? Or apathetic?

  2. I don’t even know what webkinz are! OOps. But I’m glad your kids are blessed with them. 🙂

    Very cute picture.

  3. i have so far avoided these cute items. for the sole reason that they would become “hog-the-computer-kinz”.
    my daughter would love one but ii i bought one it would instantly be one for everyone so five people would have to have one. and then I’d never get a turn on the computer. so i am not starting that.

  4. limited computer time-kinz, nap-kinz. i swear my kids are addicted. my daughter just got her 3rd one. why? we bought her, her first one, then my mom bought her one and then she bought her own. seriously one is enough.

  5. I have been out of it for a while so I just went back and looked at some previous posts. I LOVE the pictures of your house. You have such a talent for decorating!!

  6. “Feel Better about Computer Game-Kinz”. At least Web-Kinz teach something–earning money, taking care of things etc.

  7. I have never heard of Webkinz..

    And I have to say, that I totally am with you on the whole “providing for your kids” thing. It’s really scary for me (sometimes) to be the “MOM”. I still feel 16 sometimes, and wonder who these small people are who keep calling me mother!?

  8. MAN! $24 a year!? Rich kid!!! One year, my dad made $5000 with 4 kids. Yep, it’s true. We ate a LOT of food storage that year.

  9. My parents could have bought us whatever they wanted to, but didn’t. It was tough to go to private school and be around those people and not have the fun pretty extra stuff that the other kids had. (It shouldn’t have mattered, but in Middle School, all of that stuff matters so much!) But looking back, I’m glad that I am who I am today, and wasn’t too spoiled as a kid.

    All of that said… I love buying stuff for my kids and often have to pull myself back. I guess I know how I wanted certain things as a kid and it makes me happy to get it. (shallow? but true) My kids could probably care less about some of the things, and I try not to totally spoil them… but I can hardly help myself!

    My favorite thing is taking each of my kids out one by one and buying them stuff. It doesn’t have to be huge just little prizes. I don’t get to do this very often, but today Kenzie and I went to JoAnn’s. It was so fun buying her a couple of packs of stickers. I don’t know what she will do with them, but she felt like the queen of the day for two packs of stickers! It was just a lovely time.

    And I was able to do something for her that I would have loved as a kid. (granted, the boys are a little more difficult, but a little Star Wars, or Lego prize goes a long way!)

    Rochelle posted about Love Languages a few days ago. I think that it is pretty obvious what my love lang. is… gifts! Please read her blog before you think me shallow. 🙂

  10. Webkinz have just been introduced to my 2 year old. Her Nonnee (my mom) thought it would be fun for her…now she thinks when mommy is on the computer she needs to be on it. Thank goodness she has not noticed them when we go to the stores…

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