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I just signed up to Bloglines and I want to give a shout out to my 17 Bloglines Sisters! Imagine my surprise when I realized so many efficient ladies subscribe to my blog. {{squeal with delight}}

I’ve been having operating systems issues, so over the weekend my tech savvy honey un-installed then reinstalled everything on my laptop. I’m no longer having issues, well those issues anyway ;), and the first thing on the docket was to sign up for Bloglines and get regular feeds. Thanks to Camille for the motivation!

If you haven’t signed up with some sort of “feed” you will be amazed at how this streamlines the blog reading process and saves soo much time! I was at Starbucks with Katri, Katrina, and Rochelle last night bearing my testimony of this efficient little service.

After you register and paste in all the blogs, you simply log on and all the blogs that have a new post are bold! No more clicking on every name on your side bar and wasting all that time waiting for the blog to load, back to your website, find your next name, and then click on the next name. Oh no, it’s quick and easy. Now I can keep up with so many more fab ladies. I love efficiency!

How many blogs do you read?

16 thoughts on “62 Blogs

  1. Amen. I use Google Reader (love!) to follow all my blogs, and there are a lot. I love that I can keep up with all of my different interests — personal finance, design, cooking, celeb gossip, photography, friends & family — without having to click on each link separately. There’s no way I’d be able to follow my 102 blogs any other way!

  2. I use Google Reader also. I read over 100+ blogs too and wouldn’t be able to do it without this technology. Glad you found one you like.

  3. holy cow power bloggers! i have considered something like this. so you really love it huh?
    i may have to try one!

  4. I’m one of your 17! Thanks for the shout out! It seriously saves me so much time on bloglines. I have 176 feed now too. That way I can just log on and get inspired whenever I want to and not have to search to see who has new posts.

  5. Hooray! I’m SO glad you jumped on the bloglines bandwagon- isn’t it fantastic?? You will be amazed at how much time you save with it. Right now I read 61 blogs right now, yours included!

  6. I’m so behind the times. I’ve never even heard of Google Reader and I only know about Bloglines from Camille. But, Laurie, after what you said last night, I will probably have to give it a go.

  7. I read too many probably! I have thought about Bloglines or Google reader, just haven’t made the jump yet. Glad to hear it’s easy and helpful. Happy Reading!

  8. i used to do bloglines, but i’ve changed over to google reader. i don’t know why, but these little services definitely make life easier. i probably follow at least 100 blogs (yours included!)

  9. I follow 34 blogs and thought I was reading a lot. I use bloglines too but maybe I will see what Googgle reader is like (just to compare). Bloglines has made blog reading so much less time consuming and now I never miss any of your awesome posts!

  10. I religiously read 29 blogs, but there are others here and there that I check on periodically. I’ve heard of bloglines. I should use that. It would definitely save time. I don’t ever use my link list on my sidebar though. I always go through my list of “favorites” on my favorites center from MSN.

  11. 36…..your is one on my bloglines subscription. If I didn’t have bloglines I wouldn’t have the time (or inclination, really) to look at all of them each day for updates.

  12. Okay, you’ve convinced me. Anything to make this obsession of mine a little more efficient is a good thing. Thanks for the tip, tip junkie. *smile*

  13. well this answers some of my questions. i wondered how some people found my blog after i posted about seeing vincent. i was a bit freaked out but it must be the google reader thing! it sounds like a good way to manage your blogs. i’ll have to look into it!

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