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Pride & Punishment

It was a big day for us, Davis is now a Wolf Scout. {{applause}} He’s just a little excited about it, can you tell? So excited, in fact, he jumped in the car and forgot to put on his uniform. 😉 (I totally look pregnant in that picture, hmmm, I’m not.)

Drake, on the other hand, barely lived through the night. He biffed it TWICE! Poor little guy. Meanwhile…

My sweet little Dylan is having some problems at school. For 7 days in a ROW he has gotten in trouble.

Nothing I seem to take away has motivated him to change his behavior. Dylan is a right-fighter and feels completely unjustified in his red marks. {{sigh}}

As for me, I’ve also received my punishment. Dylan’s teacher sent home hundreds of little images and words to cut out and glue onto construction paper. I’ve got carpal tunnel in my wrists and I consider myself in time out. 😉

Have you felt like there’s something going on with your child but you just can’t figure out what?

18 thoughts on “Pride & Punishment

  1. I’m sorry that Dylan is having a rough time. Are you still going to go in and meet with his teacher? I hope things settle down soon, and you are able to help your sweet little guy figure out what’s going on. You are a great Mama Bear.

    As for the endless cutting, you know I feel your pain!

  2. Laurie..YES..I have and DO feel that way. I guess we all go through things in life, even our little ones and it’s so hard to figure it out. Hopefully either he’ll work it out soon or you can figure it out. Either way, HUGS to you…I know how hard it is to just know things aren’t quite right and be stumped. Kids are good at that!

  3. Sorry you’ve got it rough now…here’s hoping for smoother sailing. I find my kids behavior kind of goes in cycles of ups & downs. As for punishments, I hate it when you take away a privelege and they’re like, “so what.”

    Honor is our big stinker right now…not quite a big girl, but she puts on major big girl attitude & then she’s throwing a fit like a little girl!

    P.S. Sorry I didn’t come over & say hi last night…I was feeling too grungy & trying to hide. We forgot about pack meeting & were out running errands when it hit us!

  4. huge bummer on the punishment! i always figure their sad choices don’t reflect poorly on me. because i wasn’t there, i didn’t make the bad choice my kid did. but it doesn’t stop me from considering home school every year. totally not enough sanity for that though.

    and the cutting! you need to get some spring loaded scissors, so you at least don’t have to do the up action.
    we bought some for my mom with carpal tunnel and arthritis and she says they are fab.
    awesome on the wolf badge! and poor baby with the bump on the noggin!

    Hope it starts getting better with the red marks!

  5. CrazyMama (Julie) – Spring loades sissors! I totally need those. What a brilliant concept. Thanks for the tip! 😉

    Tiffany – Yes, I’m going to meet with his teacher today at 2:00. I’m not quite sure how to approach her. Jason and I went to a picnic lunch with the boys at school today and I noticed that Dylan’s desk has been moved to right next to hers. Ahhh. I’m really worried as to how this is effecting his self-concept.

    I’ll be honest, Drake & Davis take up soo much of my time and energy that I take for granted Dylan is such a sweet and helpful kid. Jason and I have talked about it and we’ve decided to have some testing done with Dylan. I feel like it’s better to have some things ruled out so we know what to focus on.

    I’m at a complete loss and am feeling like maybe he’s being bullied and the other kid is sly enough not to get caught and the teacher only sees Dylan’s retaliation. I also feel like maybe his teacher might be focusing on his negative behaviors insted of the positive ones. I’m not sure.

  6. Yes and with four children, it seems like there is always one that I am trying to figure out what is going on. The expression, “You are always as happy as your unhappiest child” comes to my mind a lot. Good luck. I hope your teacher’s meeting goes well and you get the information you need.

  7. I just got back from the conference with Dylan’s teacher. He’s not being bullied although he is clashing with a student named Cole. I will say that his teacher is very meticulous and has high expectations. I have high expectations myself so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    I’m going to keep praying about it and take the advice his teacher gave me. Dylan’s teacher really likes him and she says that he’s doing very well academically. He just isn’t understanding cause and effect. Hmmm. That’s not an easy thing to teach.

  8. I hope things get better for Dylan!
    Way to go Davies. My son jakob is working in his Wolf !!!!

    Oh Love the silky PJ!!!

  9. Laurie, I have felt like that a lot. I am sorry that you facing this. It is the ugly side of school. I am totally not in agreement with his desk being moved. I don’t think that ever turns out well. (sorry to be so opinionated, but I would want to nip that in the bud, if I were you) It seems like those desks don’t ever get reintegrated.
    On the brighter side, it sounds like you and your husband are being pro-active and advocates for your son, so he will have no doubt as to whether or not you are supportive of him (regardless of issues that need to be addressed, if any)
    Hang in there!

  10. Jane is getting her folder signed a ton. She’s doing well in school, but she totally can’t stop talking (Hmmmm where did she get that from?). It’s frustrating, but her teacher doesn’t seem too worried. I just HATE her getting her folder signed every day. UGH!

  11. You have probably already done this but maybe try to reward him for getting a certain number of days of good behavior with something special.

    I love your pjs.

  12. I agree- I think kids go up and down depending on what is happening with the family: if you’ve been too busy, stressed etc.

    I’ve noticed when my kids act up- they just need more one on one time and attention. Maybe start dates with each of them alone with you and Jason. Maybe a little extra TLC and attention will help 🙂 I’m sorry! It is so tough to know what each child needs! Good luck!

  13. You are so cute! I think every mom goes through this but it will pass- kdis struggle just like we adults do. You have a beautiful family. I love your blog!

  14. I am going to sign up for bloglines! Great idea!

    I suggest getting the book Raising Cain. It’s a great book about raising boys and how schools sometimes just are set up for boys. Very interesting. It also talks about taking things away when punished. Great book.

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