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My Latest Guilty Pleasure! The perfect blend of mint with a creamy filling. It comes with 2 bars so you can have one before lunch and one after. That is of course if you have the will power, which I don’t! 😉

I’ve got meals on the brain. It’s a touchy subject at my house these days. I hate to cook!! I can not stress this enough. Why you ask? Because I’m not good at it. When I cook for others, I break out in a panic sweat wondering if it’s going to be edible. It’s bad. I got a D is homemaking in Jr. High and am still scared to this day. (Literally, I have a scar on my arm.)

Did anyone see Oprah’s show with Jessica Seinfeld? She has this new cookbook out for kids where you puree veggies and cook them into their meals. I might try this out! Of course that means that my man will have to eat kid food since I refuse to cook 2 meals. One is hard enough. My kiddos are so skinny and they don’t eat very healthy. I like how organized the program is and it looks completely doable. We’ll see…

Another tip, has this fun program where you can easily upload your family photos and make a “Tried & True Cookbook”. I think it’s a great Christmas gift idea or a fun addition to a wedding gift. If I ever go OCD on cooking like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to make myself one.

By the way: If you do make one, please make one for me! I’m in major need of some recipes. Jen and Mandy have offered to help teach me how to do some basic cooking to gain my confidence. You rock Ladies! I just might have to take you up on it.

20 thoughts on “All About Food

  1. I entered our marriage fairly confident that I was a good cook but failed miserably for the first 3-5 years or so. Trying to accomidate someone else’s tastes with my own has been difficult. Then, when you add kids to the mix, it became mind boggling. I slowly have collected a stack of recipes that my husband, kids and I will eat. I feel your frustration. One trick that works in our house is that I always serve the vegetables first–like an appetizer before the main course gets on the table. Because the kids are hungry, they usually eat it without too much complaining.

  2. I was just about to blog the same thing about the 3 Musketeer bar- it is also pretty weight watcher friendly (not that you need to worry). I think that it is only 3 points! I tried to get one at Walmart and the entire store and all the boxes at the checkout counter were gone! You must have beat me to Walmart! Thanks for the recipe idea- I love to collect recipes but hate cooking. I have a friend who just recommended to me the veggie purees from jessica Seinfield as well.

  3. I saw this on Oprah and I REALLY want to get the book! I think it is a GREAT idea and I could always use a few new ideas for dinner!

  4. love candy, hate to cook also! Although I am not a big fan of Three Muskateers. I hadn’t even heard of the mint kind. Sounds interesting.

    Its hard to get excited about cooking when your kids turn their noses up at everything.

  5. I could teach you and Lisa how to cook. It would be awesome and I am sure with all your crafty skills you would master it. Plus, you could teach me some things too.

  6. i did see that episode and i was thinking how great it would be to get my kids to eat healthier, but all of that extra effort, not fun. i hate cook, it is time consuming and after i am all done i watch everyone to make sure they like it and if they don’t i get really upset. i get so annoyed that i do that but if i am gonna put in the effort you better pretend you like it, i don’t care if you are 6 and 8 years old. 😉

  7. I just might have to try the new 3 Muskateer with Mint. Sounds yummy!
    I have heard about Jessica’s new coookbook, it’s just that it sounds like more work when cooking since you have to puree the veggies. I am all for easy- you will have to let us know how it goes! Good Luck!!!

  8. Those are awesome tips! I’m going to have to try the veggie puree thing, too.

    I’ve been wanting to try that new candy bar. Chocolate and mint are my absolute faves!

  9. ohh that smile box cookbook would be a great surprise gift for my hubby who loves to cook. and i am fine with that! i go to pampered chef parties and buy stuff for him and he is never sad about it. i can cook but don’t like to. and I can never think of anything i want to eat unless i crave it. and that doesn’t happen everyday.

    love the mint 3 musketeers! minty fluff is delicious!

  10. I love to cook! BUT I have two small children…hmmm! It makes it a challenge.

    I bet you are a better cook then you give yourself credit!

  11. ohh my! The Three Muskateer bar looks soooo good! I am going to have to find one! I love mint.

    I have never liked cooking until this past year. I have triesd to look at is as a craft project instead of cooking. I am not sure if that makes much sense though. I love projects, so figured to try, and make cooking like a project! I have some super easy recipes if you want me to e-mail them to you?

  12. k, I FINALLY found one… and yummy! Thanks for turning me onto these! And anytime… on the cooking thing. Seriously we should get together next week and I’ll help you cook and then you can give me all your cute ideas!!

  13. oh, and I watched the Oprah with Jessica Seifeld on it today too. (I’m a little behind on my DVR viewing) It was awesome!! I’ll have to get that book. Ava’s good at most veggies… but it’s the other onese I can sneak in there. And it was really motivating – even to me – and I cook. So way excited to hear you got excited about it too!

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