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The Gig is Up!

Yesterday during snack after school Davis and Dylan were talking about Christmas and how they want a PS3. I looked over at them and reminded them that that was a lot of money so don’t get their hopes up and be thinking about something else. (You gotta keep ’em guessing. ;))

Davis came up to me after homework and announced that Santa does not deliver the presents. I was surprised and asked him who does? He took both index fingers and pointed them at me, “You do.” He was quite frank and resolved about it.

I was happy that he finally figured it out (he’s almost 9) and then … panic struck! I shuffled him into my bedroom, locked the door, and went into the conversation, by that of course I mean threats on his life! Jason interrupted us and I explained what happened. Again, I saw the panic in his eyes, “Now Davis you can’t tell Dylan…” (more threats)

Then Jason said, “Well now that you’re in the secret, you get to help us play Santa.” Oh my goodness, I thought Davis was going to combust the excitement overwhelmed him and I swear he was 2 inches taller. That did it, all the threats in the world wouldn’t have prevented him from telling Dylan his new found secret – but being allowed to play Santa… Done.

When did your kids find out about Santa?

20 thoughts on “The Gig is Up!

  1. Santa has never been a big deal in our house. I think my kids just “play along” just like they do with playing pretend and such. (they also say stuff like “there’s no such thing as the tooth fairy, but I still like getting a dollar”)

    I’ve just never played up the whole Santa thing.

    1- Santa always creeped me out… as a kind I thought-there is NO WAY I’m sitting on your lap you crazy, old, lying man!
    2- Why would I want to buy something that is really nice and then give credit to that creepy, lying old man. Gifts are a total love language of mine. That gift came from ME. Santa can get credit for the stocking stuff.
    3- I abhor things that are false. Everything (except the orginal Saint, which has little to do with the holiday) about Santa is false, and I have no fond early memories to ease me through this. (sorry all you Santa lovers)

    So, we are pretty o.k. letting Santa slide under with wire here at the Koehle Abode. We’ll say, stuff like “ho ho ho” but it is all a joke. My kids are pretty o.k. about the funny joke of santa… as long as they get good stuff.

    Maybe I have some Santa issues… a possible up and coming blog post of my own Laurie. Laurie, you always get me going. YOU rock! 🙂 Love ya girl.

    That’s great that David is the big helper and he feels like such a big kid. What a cutie.

  2. Brekkon I think suspects but hasn’t really announced fully that he knows. When he does though we plan on letting him help play Santa also.

  3. I don’t ever want my kids to find-out ever!!!! We should all always BELIEVE! ( of course that usually isn’t always the case though, bummer!)

  4. I’ve never stopped believing. 🙂 My mom always told us that Santa still brought us stuff when we believed in him. And as far as my kids are concerned – ages 6 and almost 8 – there is a Santa.

  5. What a coincidence! Hannah and I just had this VERY conversation a few days ago! She also is thrilled at the thought of playing Santa with Mom and Dad!

  6. My daughter turns 8 in a couple of weeks and I’m totally curious if she still believes or not. I think that she does, but I’m not sure. She asked me yesterday if the tooth fairy was real or not. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be honest or lie, so I lied to buy more time! She was pleased with my answer so I guess it was all right. I can’t wait until she finds out the Easter bunny is a hoax so she can help me hide eggs every year.

  7. What?! There’s no Santa??? I’m heartbroken…we still ALL believe…me(36) hubby(39) kids(8,4 & 1 yrs old)

    And, Santa is NOT creepy…Watch ELF and go get some Santa spirit, Katri! 🙂

  8. Laurie— sorry about the “Davis” type-o… hello! I know your son’s name but was just typing too quick and sloppy.

  9. I had to laugh because the boys were talking on the way to the church tonight about Davis’ birthday coming up and he explained that the plans for his birthday were going to be very fun but were top secret. He then emphasized to me that he is a very good secret keeper- that he knows how to keep a secret. Now I know why he was so emphatic about it. As for my boys, we still believe. I must admit, there is still a part of me that still believes. In my house, present only came to those who believe. (And I still love the presents!)

  10. sadly when i was sick last Christmas, and totally depressed in my cancer stupor, after keeping up the charade all season with them suspecting, i finally lost it and told them and then of course told them they aren’t allowed to discuss it with anyone else. and tehn not two weeks later i outed the tooth fairy myth too! horrible year last year. and my family was horrified i killed the secret, and yet offers of help were seriously lacking. something had to go better the Santa myth then me. i feel bad now but too late now. the oldest was 8.

  11. Well, you know me. My parents always told us he wasn’t real and so I’ve always told my kids the same thing. But just read Katri’s comment and you have my feelings on the subject. 🙂

  12. I don’t remember ever believing in Santa Claus. One Christmas Eve, my dad stayed up all night putting together a swingset and decided no fat man in a red suit would be taking credit for it!

    It wasn’t a big deal, except when I was 5 and told my best friend down the street (who was 4) that Santa wasn’t real. His mom had a few choice words for my mom!

  13. I still believe in Santa. My mother always told me “if you stop believing you stop receiving!” We always give gifts from Santa & us.

  14. None of our kids have figured it out yet, but I’m just waiting for the day. I’m planning on letting them help play Santa with us, too. That will be fun! They just need to get better at keeping secrets from their siblings. When they buy birthday gifts they can hardly contain themselves and have to whisper the secret or they will bust!

  15. Stacy – Yes. It’s not just for my 9 year old, I have 3 boys and a husband that’s a huge tech guy. I don’t have a problem with gaming systems.

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