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New Fall Schedule

Now that the new fall T.V. schedule is up and running I’m worried how this is going to work into my blogging schedule. I started blogging during the summer so this hasn’t been a problem, until now.

I’m a HUGE bube tube couch potato! Once the boys are in bed, I’m on my lazy boy (no not on Jason – the chair)! 😉 I love movies and T.V. I quite enjoy reality shows, teen shows, and anything with military men! Yep, if it has a sniper, secret agent, or fugitive, in it I’m watching it. (he he)

Here’s my fav shows:

Prison Break
Bionic Woman
Gossip Girl
Private Practice
The Hills (Thanks Mandy!)
Grey’s Anatomy
Big Shots

Thank goodness for TiVo! What new shows are you watching?
P.S. I finally updated more people onto my ‘Blogs I Enjoy’ and Friends tool bar. You guys rock and thanks for all your support!

24 thoughts on “New Fall Schedule

  1. Ok, I’ll say – these are the shows I’m watchig right now.

    However, I am so loyal to my shows that if I watch the pilot of a series I’ll watch it until it’s cancelled. Seriously. I know it’s sick, but I love that about me!

  2. Ooooo- I want ot get into Prison Break- my brother keeps telling me how much he loves it! I am still an Office and 24 fan! I think I might be dropping LOST if it doesn’t start off great!

  3. I’m not too into lots of shows- mainly cause I miss the first one and don’t care to catch on unless someone tells me it’s a really good one. I am watching Gossip Girl and America’s next top model. How shallow and high school am I?

  4. That’s a lot of new shows! Too many to pick from, I’m still trying to decide if I want to watch the Office!! I like to watch TV with a big bowl of popcorn!

  5. I love Grey’s Anatomy, and What Not to Wear. I DVR’d Private Practice last week, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Oh yeah, I can’t forget The Office. It is my favorite!

    I’m so flattered to be on your list! I love your blog!

  6. O.k I have to admit I am a t.v junkie too. I love tivo, could not survive without it. After a busy day with my kids I need to unwind. I am overloaded with shows all the sudden too. This is embarassing! O.k my favs… I have to go by day so I can get them straight, LOL!
    Desperate Housewives
    The Bachelor
    The Hills (I have followed that one from Laguna beach and all the seasons lol).
    Newport Harbor
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Brothers and Sisters

    Gossip Girls
    Journey Man
    Private Practice (although I did not like the first episode so it may be cut).
    Coming up…
    Amazing Race (waiting for that one)

    I also watch Sex in the city. Which is kinda trashy.

    I love watching teen shows and reality shows. Maybe I love reliving the teen years who knows.
    See I am terrible. I am also a puriest I get really mad if people spoil my shows or give me hints. LOL!
    Sorry so long…

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I too have a lot of favs on TV, too many to list.

    I forgot all about Hero’s coming back on, 🙁 I had a Booster club meeting at my son’s school last night. Hope they will replay it this week. And I’ll have to search for the Hills, love that one too. 😀

    And I love Bionic Woman too, even after one episode.

  8. It is sick but I too like Gossip Girl and The Hills, plus Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and Grey’s Anatomy.

  9. what an awesome blog. you have some style girl – love it!! I will be back. Hey check out Survivor. Leslie Nease is the real deal – my friend from Charlotte. I hope she makes it far!!

    Have a great day!

  10. I love The Office, The Biggest Loser, Chuck (which puts a hitch into FHE), 30 Rock, The New Adventures of Old Christine and How I Met Your Mother. And, I liked the pilot of Private Practice. Ofcourse, when American Idol starts, everything else stops.

  11. Laura – you and I could hang in real life. I also hate it when shows get cancelled! I watched What About Brian and 6 Degrees too. 😉 I also watched The Nine.

    Last night when I was laying down I realized that I forgot to add Lost, 24, Project Runway, and Amazing Race. My Absolute Favorites!! I’ve got to find out when they’re coming back on.

    I’m loving it that we all have our guilty pleasures! Thanks for letting it out. You ladies Rock!

    I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to work it all in. Have any of you?

  12. I am an absolute TV junkie . I watch everything. Or at least tivo it and decide if I will watch it later. Problem now…to many shows on Thursday night at the same time. I can only TV 2 sooo…I watch Ugly Betty and CSI (neither of which is on your list) and then friday night I watch The Office online. My new show that I am trying out is Moonlight, gotta love a vampire hu 🙂

  13. Here’s what we’re watching now:
    Private Practice
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    Bachelor (sometimes–I get a little sick of bickering)

  14. we watch prison break-sometimes i am surprised that i watch it but i need to know what is going to happen! we really like the office and lost too oh, and 24 but i’m not sure if it will be on again i thought it was over but i heard it is doing another season. i guess we’ll see!

  15. I love my shows and so glad to hear that everyone loves TV like me! I LOVE my DVR and am SO glad that it has made my life SO much easier. No more running to the VCR to find a tape to catch a show before it starts! Love it!!

    When a new show comes on and it looks good, I’ll usually give it a whirl. Though I have done this often, and haved gotten SO into shows and then – CANCELED. For exa. Vanished, Related (LOVED IT!), 6 Degrees, Windfall(loved my some Dylan from 90210)… it made me wonder if I just picked and liked all the sucky shows.

    WHAT?! What about Brian is cancelled? Bummer!

  16. I too am excited that Heroes has begun again. I love this show and how unrealistic it is. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to fly? That’d be so fun.

  17. i was not feeling the first episode of private practice and since we don’t have a DVR or TIVO it might get cut for Gossip Girl. But as soon as we move and get our DVR back, I am gonna be in full force on my shows. Loved Desperate Housewives!

  18. TOTAL, Total TV junkie here. I love DishNetwork and my DVR. Love, LOVE, LOVE – the DVR. You know you have a t.v. problem when 3 or four of your favorite shows are on at the same time and you can only record 2 on the DVR. Such a dilemma. The shows I am loyal to are:

    E.R. – I have been watching it since it debuted in the Fall of 1994 and I am fiercely loyal to it even though it should have ended awhile back. But I will see it through to the end.

    I have also been watching “Dancing With The Stars.” and “The Contender” on ESPN.

    The other series that I follow pretty loyally are:

    What Not to Wear
    A Haunting

    I also like to watch movies on HBO etc. And watch all boxing on ESPN or HBO… another one of my addictions.

    So many good programs, so little time.

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