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I’m Falling for Autumn

I had decided not to post my trip to Canton on Saturday because I didn’t want to be “showy”. However, Jen talked me into it. I got a lot this trip because I knew I won’t be back until the Spring. I’m posting this because I’m really into home decor right now and hopefully you’ll get some ideas and inspirations. I’m constantly being inspired by you.

Here’s my fall decor in my living room. I’ve gotten all of it from Canton over the past 2 years, except the fall flowers and candles.

I saw this mirror and had to have it! It was only $28. I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it but is spoke to me. 😉

Fun little BOO iron

I didn’t get these jeweled pumkins in Canton. The boys and I made them together a couple years ago. They were an Oriental Trading kit. I usually try to do order several fun projects for the kids school parties and just for fun at home.

The two urns are new. I saw them up high on a shelf and after I purchased them and they brought them down, I was worried that they would be too big. They’re a little bigger than I had imaged, but I think they work.

I haven’t even started decorating my bedroom, yet. I have curtains but that’s about it. I saw these cool sconces and thought they’d add a little femininity to my room. I’ll arrange some flowers in them. One day I’ll find a print or mirror to go in between them.

This is what i bought with the money my Mother-in-law sent me for my birthday. It’s my favorite purchase! It’s in my entry way.

White finial. This won’t be it’s permanent home. I’ll wait until I put my fall decor out and find a better spot.

Black stand w/ glass cover. I bought the green acorns and red nuts and glued them together to make this arrangement. It’s permanent place will be on my mantle after the holidays.

I found this key for $3.50! I’m going to make this board.

Give Thanks iron

I bought these iron angels to go on top of some presents for Christmas. I have several “angels” in my life and I to be sure they know how much I appreciate them.

Tip: Paint screws black! Bere’s a before and after pic.

I bought some other odds and ends stuff. I hope you got a new idea. If you’ve posted your projects or home decor make sure you leave me a comment so I can see it! Do you enjoy decorating for fall?

22 thoughts on “I’m Falling for Autumn

  1. dud! and i love love your stuff from Canton! so fabulous! we were asking Lisa about this at lunch, oddly enough! some of that cutness looks to be from tender heart treasures catalog. not as much fun as buying it in person but totally cute catalog if you don’t get it already. totally love the topiary! i seriously covet that!

  2. Laurie, I think you might live in a model home with all the cuteness. I LOVE the plant you got with your birthday money. I need two for my entry, if it’s fake. I don’t do real. Also, the mirror is fantastic.

  3. Great finds! I’d love to decorate my house for fall, but I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate it at all! Maybe I’ll have to hit up Canton sometime…

  4. You sure have some nice things! I love the way you did the fireplace, especially those wiry pumpkin things with the candles inside.
    I’m glad you liked my cat table, and hope you visit my blog again!

  5. Paige – yes it’s fake. I can’t cook and have a black thumb. 😉 Everythings gotta be plastic or silk in my house.

  6. Love your treasures! Your home looks fab. I put a little fall project on my blog today that we like to do together as a family each year.

  7. i love all of your stuff. i gave the give thanks sign as a bunko gift last year and i have been trying to find one for myself.

  8. Wow, those are some awesome finds! Wish I could have gone with you guys Saturday, but I’ll definitely be on board next trip! Your house is just gorgeous. You have definitely inspired me! 🙂

  9. Your house is beautiful! Love all the new decorations, and the old. Oh, and I’m glad to hear you can’t cook. I like you even more now!

  10. love your decorations! does cantor have a website to buy from for those in az? i have those iron rod pumpkins and want more but can’t find them here.
    love ya! diana

  11. I’m a DORK! I did it again. I “rejected” someones comment while I was quickly opening up several comments at once. I’m going to stop doing that and go back to opening them up one at at time.

    I’m so sorry!! I hope the person’s comment I rejected isn’t offended and will post again.

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful compliments! (I’m glad I listened to Jen.) I hope you got some fun ideas and tips for your own homes. Gotta love fall!

  12. I’m loving it all!! As I have said before, I miss Canton. I may just have to make a special trip out to Texas…Just for Canton. Hmmm??

  13. I’m loving how this blogging world connects. I’ve noticed your comments before on my good friend Laura’s blog, and then yesterday I was linked to the Tipjunkie. I just figured out you’re the executivehomemaker and tipjunkie founder. I’m thinking I could learn a lot from you, so I look forward to visiting your blogs often!

  14. Love your house! You have great ideas. I like how you have it all fall. Thanksgiving and Halloween together and it all works.

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