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The Phantom Ghost has come to town…

Monday night we started baking our treats for our Phantom goody plate. Every year we print out one of our Phantom poems on orange paper, and start the fun tradition of delivering treats to 3-4 families in the ring and run fashion. I always let the boys pick who our victims are going to be. 😉

This year I was a bit ambitious on our cupcakes. The directions sounded easy enough.

Oh well, ours look more like mohawked zombies but we had a fun time making them.

Davis always has a plan of attack, start on the side of the house!

It took us a couple houses, but by the last one Davis waited to ring the doorbell until Dylan was ready to run. Crazy kid! 😉

Meanwhile, Drake had a chocolate pretzel stick dipped in red sprinkles. This is what I saw when I looked back to check on him. My 13 year old turned into vampire!

14 thoughts on “The Phantom Ghost has come to town…

  1. I think your cupcakes are awesome! You are a fun mom! We got boo’ed last week too. I love that tradition!

  2. I love Halloween cupcakes! We had a blast making them last year and they have been on my mind for this year! What a fun treat for your boys!

  3. Mohawk zombies are the BEST!! That sounds like so much fun to leave treats for your neighbors. What fun memories!

  4. How cute are your boys!!

    We do that in our family too. We call it Booing. You can come visit my blog to see the baskets that we made.

  5. i love those cupcakes-i made them a couple years ago for my sons birthday!
    we got booed this year too. fun stuff-the boys had a blast passing the boo on!

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