What Color Orange are You?

You Are Cameo

You are understanding and very empathetic.
You don’t tend to have acquaintances. Everyone is your friend.
And all of your friends tend to be friends. You have a knack for bringing very different people together.

Make sure you comment and tell me what Color Orange you are. This will help us all bond in flavors of orange.

Totally kidding – I’m making fun of my “You have a knack for bringing very different people together.” 😉

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8 thoughts on “What Color Orange are You?

  1. I am also a Cameo.

    I like this quiz. It was quick and I thought they questions were not so abstract and random as some other’s that I’ve done.

    I love the question about what kind of people I tend to avoid. I contemplated between mean people and crazy people, but then I decided that sometimes we can’t always avoid the crazies, but I make it a point to steer clear of the purposely meanines.

  2. I’m a pumpkin! Realistic and practical, you see the world for how it is.
    You know what it takes to succeed in life…
    And you’re happy to help others reach their goals.

    Really, that was hard- apparently I’m not very decisive…

  3. I’m an Apricot – Soft and sweet, over time you let your provocative nature shine through.
    You are definitely unconventional, but you don’t broadcast it.
    You offer people a fresh perspective on life – so fresh that it can be shocking!

    I am soft & sweet aren’t I?

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