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Can We Do It?

Shoot yeah we can! Just call us Bob the Builder and Wendy. 😉 Over the weekend Jason and I built a playground for the boys. Let’s just say it was a bigger undertaking than I had imagined.

Here is the left side of the backyard before.

Here is all the dirt I dug out to make a trench so the playground would be level.

Here is what 3 boys do in 75 degree weather while their parents are busy building: Play under the trampoline and stuff your shirt with rocks. 😉

Here it is 17 hours later!! Can you believe we still have two A-line roofs, the bottom floor, and a bench to finish? It totally doesn’t look like it should have taken that long. Oh well, we’re completely exhausted but that baby is level and able to withstand 3 boys.

Seriously, the sacrifices we make for our kids. 😉

We went to our last Halloween party on Saturday. I can hear you saying “What?”. Every year we have 2 amazing parties on the same night but this year we lucked out and this party was scheduled for the weekend after Halloween. Lucky us. We had such a great time as a family.

11 thoughts on “Can We Do It?

  1. love the playground set! jason is a great helper! does he wanna help jordi build one? i know…just an airplane ticket away!

  2. Why is that we see something and think, I can do that? It will be easy? You’d think we’re old enough to know better. Damn expectations! It looks great and I’m sure by the end of the month Jason will have finished it 😉

  3. Lisa, yeah right. You know better than that. I’m going to have to ask Dad to come over and help finish it. ha ha

    I hear you on the expectations – I never would have thought that a 4 inch incline would cause hours of extra labor and a ton of dirt I have to get rid of.

  4. Good job on the playground!! Man… I’m impressed!! Seriously, I would have gotten into that and wiped my hands of it after 4 hours!

  5. very cool playground! way to go making it level! and the costumes and last party were rad! very cool you got to spread out the wonder a little this year!

  6. Love the picture of the boys with rocks in their shirts! They have to keep themselves entertained somehow while mom and dad are working their tails off! You guys did a great job!

  7. WOW!! The playground looks great.

    Love seeing the whole family in their Halloween costumes. You all look too cute.


  8. Toothsome #1 was that same skeleton for halloween. And I should say that after watching several of our friends try to install their own playsets and it took them days, we decided to pay the extra fee and have them do it for us. So worth the extra money! I am very impressed that you guys did it on your own.

  9. We too put in a playground this summer. My husband did it by himself- I am amazed! It sure did take most of the day and then some. I think my backyard screams KIDS now!!!
    Talk about your nice weather!!!

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