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Happy Birthday Davis!

What a crazy week! I’ve miss you guys. Halloween was fun with the boys and needless to say they had a great time. Today Davis had his 9th Birthday Party. He wanted a Bionicle party.

Davis has spent the past 2 months putting together all of his Bionicles so he could decorate the house with them. I was really proud of how committed he was. It also took me off the hook since he did all the decorating. 😉 Thanks Big Guy!

We played Guess how many Bionicles in the bowl and Name That Toa.

We had a Toa Challenge consisting of an obstable course with 6 events related the Toas’ elements – water, earth, air, ice, stone, and fire.

and afterwards a Crystal Hunt (ring pops).

The party was a success and this expression made it all worth it! If you want more information on the party head over to Executive Homemaker for specific details and free printables.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Davis!

  1. Happy 9th to Davis! Looks like a great party and you went all out on the fun games! Thanks for sharing your party secrets too!

  2. I know I just saw that kid a few weeks ago but he looks bigger! Can you believe you have a 9 yr old!! Your a crazy fun Mom and I can’t wait til you plan my kids parties 🙂

  3. You have to be the coolest mom on the planet! You throw some rockin’ parties whether it’s for your son, or your friends. I wanna come!!!

  4. Lisa, I’m really hoping you have all girls! I’m dying to plan a princess party, tea party, dress up party, I could go on and on…

  5. What a fabulous idea. My little man turned 11 this year and still loves his Bionicles. His dream job is to eventually work for Lego. I can’t wait to show him this party you threw. He will be so jealous.



  6. Can you imagine the pit in my stomach when I opened your blog from work and realized that we had MISSED the party! I am so sorry- Noah is going to be so mad! I have been working the last three days and have been completely thrown off by the start of the new month- when I saw the pictures I could not imagine that it was already November 2nd! We’ll have to bring by our birthday gift!

  7. happy birthday davis! i remember when you were in your mom’s tummy! now you are sooo big!
    laurie-you amaze me! you pulled off another wonderful party!

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