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Cougar & Kitten Luncheon

There are so many amazing 38+ women at my church that I want to get to know. I’ve lived in this house now for almost 2 years, and I realized a while ago that if I want to become friends with these women, I’m going to have to MAKE the opportunity. That’s when I hatched the idea of the “Cougar & Kitten Luncheon”.

Did any of you see that TV show ‘Age of Love’ where the 30-something dated women in their 40s (Cougars) and 20s (Kittens)? Anyway, it’s that concept. I invited my friends and Jolyn (pictured above) invited her friends. It was so much fun!!

For the party favor, I made these party cones and filled them with chocolates and an inspirational bauble magnet.

I made this runner and these simple centerpieces.

It was potluck (of course), so the food was so yummy! Jen hooked me up with one of her recipes. Thanks Jen!

It was important to me that when the lunch was over, I felt like I got to know the Cougars better. So, I had each person write down a question they wanted to know about someone in the room. We shuffled the cards and then each choose one. One person read their card at a time and then we went around the room and each person got a chance to answer that question.

I also invited my good friend Julie so she could get to know these amazing Cougars as well. Let’s just say, the cougars at her church are not having the same experiences that she is. 😉

It was a BLAST!! I learned so much about these women in 2 1/2 hours that I normally wouldn’t have ever figured out. Even though I’m still exhausted from my Utah trip (Lisa and Melissa wore me out!) It was so worth it. I feel like my world has oppened up just a little bit more and now I have these amazing women to learn from. YEAH!

13 thoughts on “Cougar & Kitten Luncheon

  1. That is such a cute idea! I have also wished that I knew the “cougars” in my church better. Did the cougars just love it? I know I would!

  2. Love this idea – SO smart to organize this. I’m all for organizing something if you want it to happen 🙂 Also have to mention, I LOVE your welcome plate in the previous post. It is so simple and elegant!

  3. What a fabulous idea to reach out and mingle with a different group of women! Even though I still feel like a kitten, I suppose I fall in the cougar group (by a hair). 🙂 It’s so important for older women to interact with younger and vice versa–there are many things to share both ways!

  4. I see how it is… use me for my recipe and don’t invite me to the luncheon. Use and Abuse! Use and Abuse! Sheesh! Though I guess I wouldn’t be considered in wither “age” group. What’s younger then a kitten?! OHHHH! J/K. 😉

    Such a cute idea! I love how you make opportunities for yourself when you want something done and don’t wait around for someone else to do it!

  5. There are few in my age range of the 30’s at church, so actually I hang out more with the 50+ crowd. Down there in Texas it seems like you have a lot of young families.

  6. LOVE the idea! I think it is great that you reached out, and got to know a different group of woman! I think I will have to remmeber this idea for sure! 🙂

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