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Lisa’s Texas Hair (Before)

Every 2 years when we are in Utah, Lisa gets her hair done. In fact, the last time she got her hair done was the last time we were there. It always turns out great because I am there for supervisions and direction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is after! Yeah. Leisl did Lisaโ€™s hair at the David Douglas Salon in the Riverwoods. If you live close be sure to make an appointment. We couldn’t believe the price (cheap!) and she did an amazing job. Leislโ€™s a brand new blogger with a cop brother-in-law, we did our best to try to persuade her to make her blog public. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If she caved, be sure to go over to her blog and leave a nice comment welcoming her.

Melissa Before

In the spirit of make-overs, we took charge to help Melissa get a new post-baby look. Melissa had baby Rachel 4 months ago. We went to Buckle and after harassing the sale attendant for over an hour, we found the perfect outfit that was sassy and slimming.

Here is Melissa After, what do you think?

After the Blogger Luncheon we went to the Tia Pei Market (sp?) to shop for some home decor. Melissa and I found these adorable pumpkin name place holders that we both wanted. I guess I got a little territorial and they made fun of me. We decided to exaggerate it in true blogging style. Don’t mess with me when I’m hosting a dinner. (totally kidding)

Then it was off to Krispy Kreme and then a movie at Melissa’s Northgate Mansion in her Egyptian themed theatre room. (btw: Melissa is taking reservations for Family Reunions, weddings, etc. if you’re looking for a place that can sleep 45 people this is it! It’s amazing.)

We had so many crazy moments and times when I couldn’t breath I was laughing so hard. (Well that and the fact there’s not enough moisture in the air – my lungs dried out.) Here’s one we actually caught on video. Don’t judge – we haven’t all been together in quite a while. We get CRAZY when we’re together.

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  1. So sad we weren’t able to meet up, I never knew where the lunch was. The crazy thing is I’m almost sure we were at Tai Pan Trading the same time you were. Wasn’t that place crazy? Fun, fun weekend.

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