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Fun Friday

Friday was a fun day of shopping and lots of food! First off, Melissa surprised me with a belated birthday gift of all her favorite things. She used this idea I posted on Tip Junkie using a Sonic cup holder! It was so thoughtful and it meant so much to me that she not only was reading TipJunkie but also found it useful. Thanks Melissa!!

Next, Park City and lunch at the Loco Lizard. Yummy! As usual Lisa picked out the best food and we all had to have a taste.

Then, some shopping. Here’s Rachel’s blogging debut. She’s the most beautiful and mellow baby I’ve ever been around. Melissa had to RUB IT IN all day. She’s 4 months old and a very good sleeper. When awake she’s completely content to just hang out.

Here we are trying to keep warm. I borrowed her for a little bit.

Friday night, the financial peeps I’m working with happened to be throwing a seminar, so we went and got motivated to increase our net worth. Afterwards, we had dinner with the co-founder and several new friends.

Yes, we actually went to the Texas Roadhouse Grill. It was a bit weird going to a Mexican restaurant that afternoon and a steakhouse that night – both are BETTER in Texas. (Sorry, truth hurts sometimes.)

We haven’t stopped laughing since we got here…

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. Laurie–I’m so sorry! I never heard back from you where to go, you just told me 2:30, so I kept checking my email all day to see where to meet, and had no way to get ahold of you! Sorry girl! I’ll have to catch you next time.

  2. If your anything like me with that much eating out you just can’t wait for a good home cooked meal at this point ‘eh?

  3. Wendi – Bummer! We missed you and kept waiting for you to arrive. I thought I had e-mailed you. I had my man check my e-mail for me Sat morning to see if anyone e-mailed me needing directions. I’m so sorry for the confusion.

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