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Friends, Fun, and Fabulous!

How appropriate that this is my 200th post!! It’s about friends, a fun party, and a fabulous idea I’ve been sitting on for months. (he he)

I realize it’s customary to host a giveaway or do something unique to mark such a special event. But I can’t add one more project to my over-scheduled life. Sorry Ladies! However, I do feel like the idea I’m going to share with you is a worthy treat. So enjoy!

Last night we had our Mavens (girls night out) Christmas party! Can I just tell you that I adore these ladies. They laugh loud, tell stories, are real, and put up with my “flippant” remarks because they’re endlessly talking about Jane Austen/British/PBS related topics.

Yes, I’m able to look past our differences and love all the other things that are great about them, which are numerous. {{giggle}}

After catching up with each other, we started the annual gift exchange. It started off so polite and congenial. Then the fun started and the claws came out. (Totally kidding. These were reenacted for your benefit.) Totally appropriate having the picture of Christ in the background, don’t you think. 😉

Yep that’s the same gift, stolen again! Rochelle’s gift, of course.

Speaking of RO – She got Katrina’s gift, the Hairspray calendar featuring cutie pie Troy Bolton. I mean, Zac Efron.

Needless to say, there were so many great gifts that people were finally able to exhale once the gift exchange was over.

What did I bring? Well, thanks for asking. First, I made these place mat purses as gift bags. Just like the one I received from Kara for the Witch Switch.

Inside, were these block plaques I purchased from Deidre. I made the one “I am only as strong as the caffeine I drink, the hairspray I use, and the girlfriends I have!” in black. I bought the other one for myself. 😉

Ok here’s my fabulous idea: This year I am giving ‘The Red Plate’ tradition as my friend gifts! I made the cute red and white place mat purses to put them in.

Basically how the tradition works, is that you use the ‘You are Special’ red plate at meal time when someone accomplishes something, gets a good grades, has a birthday, etc.

I made it out of a charger and vinyl lettering. You can order the white vinyl lettering for $2.00 on Executive Homemaker. You can’t eat, dishwash, or microwave this one. But it was easy on the budget and a wonderful tradition I’m excited to start with my family.

I feel like I’m giving more than a gift this year. I’m giving them warm memories, and hopefully, a tradition that will last generations. Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Friends, Fun, and Fabulous!

  1. I love my friends too and they all love the Jane Austen stuff too. I don’t think they will ever stop trying to get me to watch Pride and Prejudice, the old or new one…

  2. Mother beck, you really need to watch it (them)! 🙂

    Laurie, I love the red plate idea and I LOVE the plaque. It’s in my bathroom. Right where I hairspray! 😉

    200th post?!?! Girl, I am hovering around 100. You are prolific. That was super fun the other night. I hear you guys lasted until VERY late! Sounds like a blast!

  3. I LOVE the quote on the plaque about caffeine and girlfriends! That describes our little group of friends to a T–I might just have to check out the vinyl letters and get crafty.

    The red plate is a great idea to make someone feel special and celebrate them.

    What a fun girlfriend party!!

  4. Happy 200th post! You have a great blog. Good for you for knowing when its not a good time to add something to your plate, literally. I love you red plate and I love it even more as a charger. I have the special plate thing but I like this way better.

  5. Thanks guys! I’ve been dying to tell you about the red plate. But I wanted to hand out my gifts before I spoiled the surprise. I still have some to deliver – so I’m hoping people are as busy as I am and haven’t read my blog yet. (ha!)

  6. We do the red plate in our house too! My kids are really good at reminding me when someone needs it have it!

    Here’s a twist on the idea that I think is really cool. My friend went to one of those paint-your-own pottery shops and made a set of character plates…things like courage, compassion, honesty, etc. Then, whenever she observed one of her children demonstrating a particular trait, their dinner was served on the corresponding plate and they were recognized during the family meal for their act of courage, compassion, honesty, etc.

    I think that is such a great way to reinforce positive things our kids say and do!

  7. Ahem! I would just like to add that Rochelle’s reaction to my present was NOT reenacted for the benefit of viewers. That was all real, baby! 😉

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