Witch Switch

Pottery Barn Version, My Version

I can finally show you what I’ve been working on for 3 weeks! I saw this in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalogue and I had to have it! 2 other friends of mine wanted to do it as well, so this was a group effort that made it more fun, much easier, and cheaper! We made 6 of them, two for each of us. I’m very pleased at how they turned out. (I need photography lessons, this picture just doesn’t do it justice.)

I gave my second one to my Witch Switch Sister, Jamie, who just received it and to my relief she really liked it. I was a bit nervous about it since it’s more for the kiddos.

I received my Witch Switch gift from Kara. She even decorated the box to coordinate with the gift. Seriously Ladies, we were meant to meet!

Kara made me personalized Halloween Cards, this cute wire box all decked out in Halloween ribbons filled with candy, her homemade caramel popcorn, and this too cute Halloween bag! (notice the flower) Kara I LOVE it!! You completely spoiled me! You are so talented and fun!

I’m so delighted that I’ve made two completely new fabulous blogging buddies. Thanks so much Sue for organizing this, it had to be an invloved process. You Rock!

27 thoughts on “Witch Switch

  1. You are ridiculously creative! I just can’t believe it! Love this, and would never in a million years think of trying to make it myself!
    And YAY for blogs, blogging friends and witch switch! I love the internet!!

  2. What an awesome idea! I love the advent calender that you made. Maybe next year, I’ll get in on the action

  3. cute cute cute! i can’t believe you made 2… how industrious. i’m so impressed that you saw in the pb catalogue, and just decided to make it. very cool!

  4. Kudos Laurie! I like your version better than Pottery Barn’s. It looks neater – I’m a little anal that way. Bravo. Maybe you could open a store called Laurttery Barn. OK, that was dumb.

  5. This is THE cutest Halloween decor I have ever seen! You are so talented to be able to recreate that, Laurie!

  6. Love the calendar- you did such a great job! I can’t imagine where you find the time! I love the idea!

  7. Way cute! Unfortunately time is not my friend right now, so a project of this magnitude will have to wait until next year… but I am thoroughly enjoying my Halloween cross stitching. Doesn’t that count for something??? Haha. *B

  8. I so wish I lived close to you and you were my best friend and you would make things like that for me just because you can and I won’t. That is so amazing! Really, you make me want to get out my sewing machine and try making it but then I remember that i have 3 bathrooms to clean, a floor to sweep and mop, etc.

  9. I can’t believe you made this. It is adorable. Your kids are too. The comment about your boy at mommy and me cracked me up. JUST wait until he’s a teenager. Then the attitude really starts!!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I hope you get this comment… I had the same idea to copy that halloween countdown from PB but I couldn’t think of how to do all the little creatures etc to decorate. Could you give me some tips pleeease?
    cest_jambon AT hotmail


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