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The next 8 days are filled with several birthday celebrations for friends. It seems like feast or famine regarding birthdays around here.

Party #1

I had the opportunity to party with my 2 different groups of amazing ladies on the same night! Lucky me!!! Seriously, it couldn’t have come on a better week.

First up, at 6:30, I celebrated Jennifer’s birthday. She’s a fellow blogger but it’s private. {{bummer}} She’s an amazingly talented and driven woman, whom I feel so blessed to know.

Her boys are my boys ages and they are such wonderful examples and fun play mates to have around. Jennifer’s little girl Ella is a complete delight and brightens up my home when she’s here. Secretly I want to kidnap her – OK maybe it’s not really a secret. She’s just so verbal and giggly I can’t help but love the time I have with her.

Party #2

Then I celebrated Lisa’s birthday at 9:00, at the same restaurant. Yep! Party #1 ended at 8:30 so it was perfect timing. You’ll recognize a couple faces in this group, Rochelle and Chanda.

I think that my friend Lisa is the perfect blend of my sister Lisa and me. She has my sister’s athleticism, sarcasm, and wit combined with my body type, personal style (we have the same favorite clothing store), obsession with hair, and craftiness. I’m a bit jealous, personally. I’d love to be more like my sister!

Julie is never one to disappoint when it comes to getting a crazy picture. I LOVE this about her!

Happy Birthday Lisa!! (on the left)

Isn’t Chanda’s little girl adorable!! She’s another one that I would risk jail time to steal for a day. {{kidding, sort of}}

Speaking of birthday parties, I need some more unique celebration ideas. Be sure to share!!

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