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TV Time!

Dance War: Are you glad that Team Bruno won? Personally, I liked the people better on Team Carrie Ann’s team but I thought Team Bruno had more talent.

Prison Break: What do you think about Michael’s vengence? I know they need a new story line but going after Susan? hmm.

We all know she’s a puppet and is going to get hers in the end one way or the other. I do feel for poor Fernando. Poor guy – he’s got some bad juju!

4 thoughts on “TV Time!

  1. I’m with you on Dance Wars. I think Bruno’s people have more talent but I like Carrie Ann’s team more. I have to say that if that chick, Kelsey, doesn’t put some clothes on the only offers she’s going to get will involve a pole!

    I wasn’t surprised at Michael’s vengance. He got himself arrested and put in jail when his brother was wrongly convicted. Why not avenge the death of his lost love. Plus I can’t wait for Susan to get what’s coming to her and you know Michael’s going to make it creative. Isn’t he hot when he’s mad!?

  2. I LOVE Prison Break, and you know that Michael is not going to let the beheading of Sarah go unpunished…..just wonder how that creepy T-Bag is going to use that Bird Book to get out of prison???

  3. Yep, it was only a matter of time for Michael to “become one of them” – a convict. Seriously, I knew he would have to do something to get back at what Susan B. Anthony (Gretchen) did… BUT seriously, the gun? Come on Michael.

    But yeah Lisa, he’s totally hot when he’s mad. And I think that it’ll be way creative too of what he does.

    {{And Lisa, wasn’t I SO close when I thought that they had those little hand held water propellers in the cooler?}}

    I’m just totally bugged that the writers had to go on strike and now our season is totally cut short. We’ll probably have to wait until NEXT January for it to come out again!!

    (sorry Laurie, maybe I should have posted this on Lisa’s blog!;)

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