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Recently, I’ve read several blog posts about people struggling with getting their homes organized. I think “up keep” is the most difficult task in having a home.

One day I’ll have to sit down and figure out my philosophies in organizing. But quickly for this post it’s:

1) It should be a no-brainer
2.) Everything needs a home
3.) If you don’t use it in 2 years, toss it! No exceptions. Scan it and include it in your digital scrapbook if you have to, but then throw it away.

I’m all about systems, and I love a good one. But it has to be so easy that it becomes automatic and I can go into “robot” mode and talk on the phone as I’m putting everything away. 🙂

The past year I have been focusing a lot on my closets. In keeping with #2 Everything needs a home, sometimes you have to create a home for it. I also think it should look pretty and have easy access. 🙂

I’ve quickly gone through my home and taken pictures of all the shelves my man has built for me to accommodate my compulsion for order.

Davis LOVES Lego’s. I’ve tried to get him into other things to no avail. So Jason made these shelves down low for all his Lego’s and Knex. I have picture labels on the clear bins so he can clean them up himself.

Off Topic: The boxes on his top shelf are a project that I still need to get to. I like to cut out the pictures on the boxes and then include them in the correlating bin. That way Davis has lots of pictures to be inspired from and can remember what pieces go to what. (Also, he can see how many dadblasted he has and be grateful – can you say spoiled. Thanks Grandparents!)

Davis doesn’t use the instruction packet so I keep it nice and pretty in a my Lego file for the younger boys when they’re ready to play with them.

Dylan couldn’t reach his hanging clothes – so Jason made him a lower bar. We also built it so a dresser could fit in there if we needed it to. He then added a shelf on top for Dylan’s exclusive toys, one he doesn’t like to share. Just because there was waisted space – he made me an extra shelf up high for things like diapers and toys I want to hide from the boys. {{ha ha}}

Off Topic: I love toys! It’s sad that my two oldest are getting out of that phase and would rather be on the computer on the PS3. Since we have several sets of Grandparents we tend to accumulate lots of toys around birthdays and Christmas.

So to keep everything clean and fun, I rotate toys. I buy those cheap bins at Wal-mart and make a picture label. It makes clean up easy and I keep a bunch of them high in a closet so I can control how many bins are out at one time.

I hope this post has helped at least one of you! “Make it Work!” {{giggle}}

10 thoughts on “Closet Organization

  1. Thanks! What great ideas you have! I love the idea of adding in shelves…there is a lot of wasted space I could use & just had never thought of it before.

  2. Will you come organize my house for me? I’d love you forever….okay I will anyway. 😉 P.S. I just got a Costco card, call me anytime you want to go.

  3. I love your system. I am not an organized person but I am trying to become one. Is that possible? I swear I have ten times the stuff you have and a much smaller space than you do? I guess that means a lot has to go? Hmmm…

  4. I am bit of an organizing freak, but like you, I’m not really sure what mt philiosophy is.

    It makes me laugh to see the pictures all of the shelves! My adorable husband has gotten preety good at shelves to over the years! I guess that is a must for us organizers-Ha!

    You closets look fab!

  5. wow!! This is soooooooo inspirational. My favorite tip from you is: everything needs a home. That is so very true! A lot of my stuff is kinda homeless right now…so, I better “make it work” asap. 😀

  6. I have been reading this site and also Tip Junkie for awhile now. It’s a good thing I am a happily married woman…I am in love with you!! 🙂 You have the greatest ideas. If you ever come to Utah, you’ll have to come redo my whole house!! I stole your idea of covering boxes with material when I redid my closet. I love it. Much cheaper then the ones I would have bought. You seem to be a very amazing woman who has it all together…I am jealous!! 🙂

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