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Week in Review

Life has been so crazy busy that I haven’t been able to blog about it. So here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to the lately.

Before Picture

Last week Lisa and I painted this desk blue to go into Davis’ room.

Before Picture

With the holidays and birthdays now behind me, I finally repainted the mirrors and small table that I purchased at a garage sale last fall. It’s about time, geez. They went in my guest room.

Last Satuday, After I did my pantry makeover the boys decided they wanted to start taking their lunch to school. What?!? I don’t have room for school lunch stuff in my pantry. That always happens to me, once I get a good system down, things change and spoil my plans.

Thankfully, here comes Jason to the rescue and he added more shelves to my master closet to accomodate the school lunch stuff I have to hide so it won’t get eaten, as well as some food storage items I want to keep handy.

As I was painting the shelves, Drake came in and put his ‘Mommy and Me’ gymnastic lessons to practice by hanging on the bar. He was seriously so proud of himself. Great job, baby!

I still need to get some bins and decide what goes where and what I want to keep stocked, but here’s the final product in the meantime.

Monday, I stained the roof and the floor of the boys play ground. There’s still a little more to do inside but that won’t take me long. After being on a ladder from 10am to 6 pm painting, my body is still so sore. ouch!

I met a couple of my neighbors that live behind us while I was up on that ladder. Can you say awkward. Here I am holding on for dear life, praying that I don’t fall and live out my days paralyzed due to my obsession with completed projects, and strangers want to make conversation. At least they liked it. One guy said, “it was a work of art”. Thanks neighbor.

Tuesday, I had a minor panic attack when I realized that our “Emma’s Garden Party” for church is next week and I haven’t done a thing for it. {{oops}} So I spent the day making flower pens for the center pieces. Each guest will be able to take one home at the end of the evening.

I’m “OTT! Yeah you know me!” so I also hot glued flowers onto green spoons for the use for dessert. Lisa gave me the hardest time when I told her what I was doing. However, once she saw how insanely amazing they were – she changed her tune. She even helped me finish the last couple dozen. Thanks Sis!

I can’t remember where I was, but I felt so loved and girly when I used a spoon with a flower on it to eat my dessert. I want the Ladies at church to feel the same way on such a spiritual “girl power” evening.

Wednesday, Drake and I drove 4 hours (picked up Lisa and Billy on the way) to Houston. My brother Scott came home from his mission for our church.

I’ll let you read all the details over on Lisa’s blog. She’s so much funnier than I am!

Thursday, we spent the day hanging out with the family, driving around town to see how our home town has changed, and shopping for new clothes for Scott. Scott has changed a lot and I am so impressed with the man that he has become.

Friday, was a Par-Tay! Drake and I got home at midnight Friday morning and once I woke up I got busy preparing for my good friend Lisa’s birthday party. She was born on Leap Year, so since she only gets an actual birth “day” once every 4 years – we made it a big celebration.

Front of Box – I decorated the top and bottom of the game box

We played a “Celebrate Lisa” game that I made out of a game that I bought for a $1 at the Goodwill. You can go to Executive Homemaker for more details on how to make the game.


Game pieces – I hot glued buttons onto the pieces that came with the board game.

I didn’t get any other pictures of the party, I was too busy hosting. {{drat!}} Lisa got lots of pictures with her camera – I’ll have to have her e-mail me some.

I can’t believe how long this post turned out. I’m now realizing that you didn’t need a play-by-play of my week. I guess this post was more for my anyway, I hope it excuses the absolute exhaustion I feel today. My body aches to the core, but seeing all that I’ve accomplished and served I can see it was worth it. Hopefully I can get a nap on Sunday. {{yawn}}

8 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. ♥ I love the mirror’s! I love garage sales when there’s great stuff like that! Love the flowers too! Cute post!

  2. wow, you are one busy woman! I am so impressed by your drive and determination to get things done. I, unfortunately have the problem of not finishing things. I’m working on it…

    All your projects are so pretty!!!

  3. Wow – do you ever stop? It’s so good to see all your fun pictures. You look great and you are so creative. I’ll have to tell Holly to check out your blog.
    ~Heather (Mills) 😉

  4. FUN FUN! We’ve missed you in our neck of the woods. Bookclub was fun. We went to The Other Boleyn Girl. Glad you had such a fun productive week. Lisa’s game is totally cute!

  5. so basically you are amazing! wonderwoman-really. Great job on your projects. What a fun busy week.

  6. Wow Wee! You are Buuzy!

    I esp. liked the flower on the spoon. All about the details, eh? 🙂

    Can wait to see you tonight!

  7. You are so insanely busy!!! I love your flower spoons 🙂 Everything you did turned out so wonderfully, I can’t believe this was just one week!

  8. You are amazing! I’m glad I made you come down because the highlight of the trip was helping you with the spoons 😉

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