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Conversing with a 3 year old

(Picture taken from Drake’s birthday party)

Every other Monday, I have the privilege of a play date with Emily. She’s 3 and so fun and sassy. I absolutely eat it up! She’s an excellent conversationalist, yep even better than my 9 year old. She has the best giggle’s and is such a happy little girl.

Here’s one of our conversations we had today:

Emily: “Where’s your daughter?”

Me: “I don’t have a daughter.”

Emily: “No, what’s her name?”

Me: “Who’s name?”

Emily: “Your daughters name!” {{aggravated by having to repeat herself}}

Me: “Emily, I don’t have a daughter. I have 3 boys.” {a bit annoyed she’s rubbing it in}}

Emily: “Why you do that! I not do that.”

Me: {{sigh}} “I hope you don’t too.”

5 thoughts on “Conversing with a 3 year old

  1. You should have seen her big sister, Clara, at that age! Cody & Clara grew up like brother and sister and she was a riot (not to mention as cute as Emily)…Wendy’s kids are so sassy & clever! Clara always gave me a run for the money and I adore her.

  2. Di – I adore all of Drake’s play dates. It gives me a break every other week for errands and projects to do alone. Also, they’re just great kids. It keeps each day different and more fun for Drake and me.

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