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Hoppin’ Easter!

I hope everyone had a “Hoppy Easter”! It was a fun one for us. The boys and I did a bit of traveling over the weekend. My bother, who just came back from his mission, was speaking in Houston and I wanted to be sure to support him. So we made the 4 hour trek.

*Update – I’m not preggers. This shirt is just sheer and flowy. 😉 ha ha

First, we made a stop over at Lisa’s. Her church was having a carnival and we decided to take the boys. I’m so glad we did, they went all out! Here we are at the petting zoo. Drake loved the horse and miniature monkey. He kept going back to see them.

Lisa and I competed in the human bungee race. She beat me, but only by like 2 inches! Considering she’s a lot taller than I am, I was proud of myself. We did it several times with the same result. It was the highlight of the carnival for me.

Both boys took their turn.

After the carnival we took a 3 mile walk and then the boys played in the sprinklers in Lisa’s backyard. Afterwards, they took a quick bath.

That night we had an Easter egg hunt but we used these “Lights Out!” eggs in complete darkness. I got them at Wal-mart. They each come with one golden egg. Everyone had such a blast! I think this will be a new tradition we adopt at our house.

I was delighted to not have to cook and color eggs this year. Yeah!

Here’s Davis in the dark showing off his eggs.

Sunday we listened to Scott’s talk. He sang a musical number as well and did such an amazing job. I was glad we make the extra effort to be there.

Lisa and I were up to no good and made everyone do silly poses for our blogs. This is us with our Mom (middle).

The boys loved what the “Easter Bunny” delivered, Webkinz. I don’t do much candy since our house is crazy enough without it. 😉

We tried and tried to get a nice picture with the cousins, but it just wasn’t happening.

We had a traditional hunt Sunday afternoon then everyone played a little throw football.

I love it that 2 of my boys were old enough to play and hang out with their Uncles. I realized that it won’t be long until they’re as tall as I am and asking for money. I felt like time slowed down a little for me to cease the moment. I’m glad I have this blog to capture the moment again.

What was your favorite family moment yesterday?

16 thoughts on “Hoppin’ Easter!

  1. looked like a great easter! love the carnival! that is too fun! and whoohoo for the funny pictures. very cool night hunt eggs!

  2. We had a crazy weekend, so no time until Sunday to color eggs. The girls love it so much, that I couldn’t deny them. We had a ball doing it and even creating our own colors. I really enjoyed creating that memory with them.

  3. What a great time! The carnival looks like a blast and your boys are handsome in green! I love the egg hunt in the dark. What a fun idea!

  4. okay, i am a bit envious of your wardrobe! i can’t help but notice all your cute outfits on each of your pictures. you look great and i think you need to help me look more in style. also, your boys are always matching and darling! you have got it together girl!
    love the glow in the dark eggs! what a great idea. i am so glad you got to go to your brothers homecoming. were you on time??? hee??
    i am so sorry i missed your call the other day. i would love to chat! call me or i will call you!
    love ya,

  5. How fun!!! We wish we were there with you guys to support Scott also! I love the pictures of you, Mom and Lisa making silly faces!!!
    We had a great Easter as well!!

  6. I have never seen those lights out eggs – those look like so much fun. My boys would be ALL OVER THAT.

    And I had to laugh out loud at the cousin picture – especially love the finger in the nose shot. Classic.

  7. I know you said that the cousin photo wasn’t happening, but…

    I love it! That photo just made me smile because they’re so cute! Completely a boy photo with the nose picking & all! That one needs to get framed…it is priceless!

  8. Kendall – Girl, I was in town from 8:55am to 4:00pm on Sunday. Church & Dinner, that’s about it. Next time I’m up there for the weekend I’ll be sure to get in touch with you.

    Di – Yes! In fact, I was 5 minutes early and got a great seat at church. Whoo Hoo! It took me getting up at 6:15am because we had over an hour drive to get there.

    My boys aren’t into dying eggs, I think that’s more a girl thing. Also, it ends up staining clothes, all over my kitchen, usually on my carpet, and a pain in the butt. I’m glad we’ve found something easier and something they feel is “more grown up” and cool.

  9. Cute pictures looks BUSY and fun. Love those lights out eggs. Those are a fun change to the game! That picture of the “cousins” ha ha! I love it. The little guy picking his nose. Too funny!

  10. Love all the pictures! Especially the one with the bunny ears. I didn’t know you were pregnant! How far along are you?

  11. Anonymous – HA HA. I totally do look pregnant in that picture! I didn’t realize it until you posted your comment.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not. That shirt is sheer and flowy. I had been wrestling Drake tying to change his diaper and get him dressed. My shirt just got pulled out of it’s tuck. 😉

  12. what a fun Easter! & a Homecoming on top of everything else! How fun!!
    I love the bungee race that looks fabulous!!

  13. My favorite picture of this set is the one of you and Lisa doing the Bungee Run!! Those are my girls!!!! (And I always think of Lisa as my “jock”!!! That’s some determined and competative face Laurie!!!)
    My second favorite is “Rub-a-Dub-Dub, My 3 Sons in a tub!” – for obvious reasons!!! They’re all just soooooo cute!!!
    And my third is Scott in his bunny ears, for the same reason!!!
    Too fun!!!

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