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A Dentist’s Nightmare!

I took Davis to the dentist yesterday to get a crown. Apparently, all 4 of Davis’ permanent molars have developed without enamel on them. Therefore, the dentin is flaking off and obviously causing some problems. Poor guy, let’s just say he didn’t win the genetic lotto. 😉

Thank goodness our dentist is a family friend and a great guy. Because after having to hold Davis down and negotiate with him for 1 1/2 hours, I was near tears and exhausted!! Needless to say we’ve been referred to a pediatric dentist for the other 3 crowns. Sorry Brian, hope we’re still friends. {{smile}}

I don’t think Davis is too traumatized – afterwards we went and got a new Bionicle and talked about how after hard work comes rewards. Now he has a cool “Darth Vader tooth” that won’t rot away and a new toy to boot.

My Mom and I had plans to go to lunch, but because of the longer dentist appointment and the babysitter couldn’t stay longer, that didn’t work out. Instead she was gracious enough to let me meet my friends for lunch and she babysat the kids. Thanks Mom! I needed to decompress after such a horrifying event. Look at that, I got rewarded too.

*Have you had a bad experience at the dentist?

4 thoughts on “A Dentist’s Nightmare!

  1. *Have you ever had a good experience at the dentist?!

    Last last pic of Davis is awesome. He totally looks like the “Cool Cat”. “How you doin’?”

  2. Chanda – HA HA! I worked for 2 dentists and so I’ve had many good ones.

    Although, I had one terrible one as a child that mirror’s Davis’ yesterday. Now when I get dental work, I go into cold sweats. You’d think I’d be over it by now.

  3. I just wrote on a another blog, wait, I think it’s your sister-in-law’s, that I am terrified to take my kid to the dentist. I know I’ll have to by the end of the year, because he’ll be two. I already have anxiety about it.

  4. We spent Thursday afternoon at the dentist. It went pretty well. We got to the ped. dentist just across the street from you. I highly recommend them!

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