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Egg a house this Easter season, your friends will love it! Click here to print out your sign.

It’s a little later than usual, but we finally “Egged” some friends houses. The boys love it and it’s been such a fun tradition in our family.

However, every year we get caught by the Eakins! Several of their kids were outside on the side yard but we were super sneaky and got all the eggs hidden. Dylan got caught trying to get back to the car. Drat! We almost made it. {{giggle}}

Here’s Davis at our last house. Great job, boys!

Today we had the annual friend Easter Egg Hunt at the park. I’m so grateful for the invite because it’s such a fun time not only for the kids but for me as well. Once a year I get to reunite with friends that I haven’t seen since last year at the hunt.

Today, I made sure that I took a moment to really take in the experience. I was amazed at how much my friends’ kids have grown and how how much they look like their siblings. I think this was the first year Davis has been able to come since it’s Spring Break- he’s usually at school.

(btw: I’ve completely given up on trying to get all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time. Can you tell? ha ha)

My mom drove down Wednesday to spend part of her Spring Break with us. She was able to help Drake and the boys search for eggs. She got Drake the shirt that says, “It’s my brother’s fault!” Too funny.

As I was getting ready to leave the park, I was trying to be funny and made a comment to 2 of my friends husbands. I said, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” I noticed one of their faces get weird and then I realized what I might have implied. {open mouth, insert foot} Just to set the record straight, I wasn’t hitting on any one’s husbands and I didn’t mean it that way. Oops!

That’s what I get for trying to be funny.

What fun Easter traditions do you do with your family?

5 thoughts on “Eggciting!!

  1. Katri – shoot! I almost didn’t post that picture, but it was the best one of Davis and I wanted to be sure to include him. 🙂

    I’m glad the kids enjoyed it. Mine did too, it’s one of their favorite traditions.

  2. Heather – Yep Davis has had braces for about a year now. His front teeth grew in so cattywampus, I couldn’t wait. 😉

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