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Princess for a Night

After a miserable 4 days of Drake and I being sick, and my man out of town, I finally left the house last night. Yes, Ladies, I had not left my house (other than to pick up the kids from school) since Monday. I’ve been in my jammie’s, sick as a dog all week.

After all I’ve been through this week, I was not going to let the misery continue and miss the princess party that I was invited to. When I got the invitation I realized that I haven’t ever dressed up as a princess. I had grand plans of buying the perfect baby blue gown and blinging it out as my first Cinderella gown. My bad luck, the flu took over and I was in no condition to drive, let alone shop. So I wore a dress that I bought for a cruise a couple years ago.

I have my fake long ponytail on and every princess needs a tiara! Back story: I bought those during a real identity crisis when I turned 30 and had my 3rd boy. The realization that I wouldn’t have a daughter was too hard to bear and so I turned it into a fun shopping trip with a friend.

I asked my boys if I looked like a princess and Davis said, “Well sort of. You’re wearing black.” {{dissappointment}} I said that I was a princess dressed up to go to a black tie event.” Davis said, “Huh?” {{never mind}}

My camera is broken so this is the only picture I have to document the amazing night. Needless to say, I got home a little after 1:00am and I promptly turned back into recovering Laurie in her jammies.

This morning, I’m filled with gratitude for friends I can laugh with, talk to, and who don’t judge, or compete. I’m grateful for over-the-top evenings that make life a whole lot brighter. I’m grateful for being a girly girl who finally had the chance to dress up as a princess. It was the perfect end to a week that was almost too hard to bear.

26 thoughts on “Princess for a Night

  1. You look like a princess to me! Gorgeous! Glad you had such a fun event to go to after such a rough week.

  2. Defintely looking like a princess!! I bit different from the last photo on your blog :-). So glad you felt good enough to shed your jammies and get all glam for a great night out.


  3. What a super fun idea! You look amazing. That totally sounds like something you would throw, not be invited to. 😉 I’m glad you able to have a fun night without having to do all the work for it. Glad you’re feeling better!!

  4. Wow! You look gorgeous! And what a fun night!! I miss out on buying cute princessy stuff as I only have boys! So I understand!! Glad you are feeling a little better and hope you (and the kids) are back to full health real soon 🙂 joanne x

  5. Stunning! Absolutely.

    Now, stay in your PJ’s a few more days and get yourself better! Wish I could bring over soup. I don’t think it would ship well either.

  6. How fun is that?! Way fun, that’s what! You look gorgeous. But I’d bet that those trusty pajamas are more comfortable… they always do my body some good! *B

  7. First of all, you look amazing!!! I haven’t had a reason to really dress to the nines since college. Ooh. That’s sad, and it need rectification. Secondly, what a fun idea. I’d like to know more about your princess party so maybe I can copy. And third, sorry you have been so sick. I am under the weather myself today and it is no fun at all!!!

  8. You look BEAUTIFUL! What a fun idea! It’s so important to have such good friends and yours sound like sop much fun!

  9. Ok, so I have to know what a princess party includes. Please share more details. You look beautiful and it sounds like a blast with great memories!!!

  10. You look awesome! Sounds like a great night too and you deserved it. I am with you on this lovely sickness going around. I am on week #3 and my kids have just gotten it too, not fun!

  11. The Princess Party was a birthday party for a friend. She went ALL OUT!

    I’m talking a Knight in Shining armor at the door (tin), the door was decorated in grey butcher paper and painted like a castle door, she spray painted pumpkins, frogs, and a castle silver.

    There were tea lights and candles everywhere you looked. There were white roses in small vases with pink beads in water with a cute ribbon w/ a friendship quote on each one (we each got one to take home). She had pink tulle and lights everywhere! She even had a white tulle canopy and a chair draped with silver fabric as her throne. We each had our picture taken there.

    This year, we didn’t play any games. (Last year it got a big rowdy. he he) I tried to soak it all in and just enjoy the LOVE that went into the planning and prep of the party. Totally AMAZING! I got so many fab ideas. It was killing me that my camera was broken.

  12. You always do such fun things with your friends! I either need to move so I can live near all my friends again or get brave and make more.
    Hope your feel completely better soon!

  13. Sounds like an amazingly fun night; And you looked smashing!

    Sorry that you have been suffering with the flu. That’s really hard to bear. Glad that you had a great night to help wash away the yuckies. 🙂

  14. Laurie, didn’t any of the other guests take pictures that they can share with you? It sounds like such a fun evening, it would be fun to see some of it!

  15. you looked beautiful as always. and love the black dress, and gotta love a tiara! i have one too! love it. now all i need is the fake pony tail. or a glam wig! FANCY! you’re lucky you have such fun friends!

  16. what a little hottie you are! i love that you and all the girls get together for such fun activities… that is really awesome! hope you’re feeling better!

  17. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I love the hair – do too!! I love most that the your dress brought back all the fun memories with you and jason on the cruise! what a fun party!
    you look sooo great! di

  18. That is such a good idea for a “girls night out.” It would be so fun to get all dressed up and look great and go play with your best girls! I love the dress you picked, it is so cute and fun!

  19. You look gorgeous! What a FUN idea to have a mommy princess party! I’m SO going to have one of those!

  20. What a great idea! I need to get dressed up more often! It sounds like you had a fun night! I also know how you feel with being the only girl…I’m the same way: I have 2 boys, 3 brothers (no sisters), and my husband has 5 brothers (no sisters). I’m not liking where this is going!!

    Hope you get better soon!

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