You’re Gonna Miss This

Trace Adkins didn’t win Celebrity Apprentice, but he gets my vote for understanding what it takes to be a great parent! (at least in this song)

Lately I’ve been really thinking about distractions. I found that I’ve filled my life up with so many distractions that some of the more important things get put on the back burner. With Jason in the MBA program, I’ve had to pick up several of his responsibilities and I realize now how much I’ve taken that for granted.

With these new responsibilities, I’ve felt completely overwhelmed and find that I’m focusing on the wrong things. I’m completely missing out on really cherishing everyday moments with my boys.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I want to run my life and how on earth to get everything done. {{if that’s even possible}} One thing kept coming to me – “I can’t do everything on this list alone and I can’t do everything on this list every week.”

Over the past couple months, I’ve changed my thinking and it’s worked for me. Now, I’m not pretending to have all the answers (any actually). I just thought I’d share what I’ve been mulling over inside my head.

Here goes: I no longer see multi-tasking as doing several things at once – now I look at it as doing one thing that accomplishes many goals. 😉 I’ve also had to change some traditional thinking into “what would really work for me”.

For example, since Jason’s in school Monday nights – I’ve changed family home evening to Sunday mornings (we have church at 2:00pm). I’ve also changed family home evening to scouting stuff. Right now for Scouts we’re focusing on the Faith in God award. It’s been so wonderful for Davis to prepare a lesson on faithful historical figures, Joseph Smith, and prayer. Those family home evenings accomplished 3 goals – 1) family time 2) Scout merit badge 3)Faith in God award. {{yippee!}}

Even if the scouting badge is only the dessert part, it accomplished something that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten done. For instance, one day we had a regular lesson but we roasted smores outside on the grill to get his outdoor cooking merit badge.

I’ve also changed the boys chore chart to reflect the household responsibilities I have a hard time with. Such as clearing the table and unloading the dishwasher. This way they are really helping me out instead of just doing a chore because they need to learn responsibility.

Anyone going green will hate me for this, but I’ve also taken a Mavens tip and started using paper bowls for cereal. We go through tons of bowls and it’s been adding a lot of stress to my life when the boys are constantly asking me to wash a bowl. Problem solved.

I know this is a lot of random information, but basically what I did was sit down and think of the area’s in my life that are causing me extra stress. Little things that would make my quality of life better. Then I made a list of all the basic things I wanted to do (like Scouts and board games) with my boys that in a perfect world I would happily do.

This is what I’ve come up with and it’s been really working out well. I know that these years with the boys are tough, but I don’t want to look back and think, “Boy, did I miss out on that.”

What “multi-tasking” things do you do at home?

20 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Miss This

  1. Hey Laurie,
    It definitely must be that phase in motherhood because I’ve been going through the same thing in our home. We will do our FHE lesson on Sunday since Monday nights are busy and often will have our activity or treats Mon night. I also changed bath time so that my two older girls each bathe with one of their younger sisters and call me when they’re ready to get out. And the crockpot is one of my best friends from the kitchen. Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Way to go Laurie! That’s my kind of multitasking. Justin’s been thinking about getting his masters in photography and I’m all for more education, I just need to figure things out on my end like you have! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. So glad you’re doing the paper bowl, girly. Seriously, they really do make life easier. Good for you for getting things more efficient.

  4. So interesting that you mentioned that song in particular – I love it and it has been on my mind a lot these days……
    I don’t want to miss this…yet I know I will.

    I agree with the multi-tasking. Instead of doing more ‘things’ at one time – I am moving toward the one thing accomplishing many tasks~ a better mom-fit, I think!

  5. I definitely needed this post today; thank you!

    That song just makes me sob! I am looking at the tail end of having my big girls home with me, and my little ones are at the most ‘busy’ time [meaning that they take a lot of my one-on-one attention] and I feel like I am running and not enjoying these last years with my girls. I definitely am going to incorporate Personal Progress and family goals into our FHE and I LOVE the chore changes to help you. Makes lots of sense.

    Thanks again!

  6. Oh my gosh. That is my life in a nutshell. I am always looking for ways to combine things so completes many tasks. Even the songs I sing at home have to be ones the kids need to learn for the Primary program! I may try the paper bowl thing.

  7. With a Boy Scout, a Weblos Scout and a daughter working on Faith in God, I totally appreciate your idea to use FHE to help with these badges! I think we’ll try it tonight! 🙂

  8. I loved this post – it was perfect for me. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to juggle everything on my plate and it’s been overwhelming to say the least. My husband graduated with his MBA two years ago, so I can especially understand your situation. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Love the chore chart, too.

  9. I completely understand! I used to feel so “on top” of things & these days I don’t feel on top of anything!!
    Good Job making all the adjustments! Wow, you’ve inspired me! The only good “multi-tasked” thing i can think of is I have my 9 year old read her take home readers to her little brother & sister. Kills two birds with one stone. Other than that it’s complete chaos around here these days!!!

  10. Oh BTW, I LOVE Trace Adkins he’s my favorite & I LOVED watching him on Apprentice!! thanks for the song, it’s one of my new favorites!

  11. i LOVE that trace atkins song,… i definetly think of all those things you listed when i hear his song. i don’t want to look back and have so many regrets and wanting to “rush” through my kids growing up. i love your tips and lately i have regrouped my priorities and trouble areas and it has helped a bunch in my life too. i think as our kids go through seasons, we have to readjust our lives and think of solutions as they get older each year. i love your tips. thanks for sharing.
    love, di
    p.s. trace should of won, i loved him on the show. he did such a fantastic job!

  12. I’m in the same boat with a husband that is back to being a student. I found that alot of stress comes from focusing on the negatives of day to day life. To change my outlook I started a ‘grateful’ journal where I jot down a few moments that I want to acknowledge from each day. I also keep lots of lists in order to stay on top of everything. I like your idea for changing up the routine for FHE – I’m going to try that since our monday evenings always seem so crazy busy. Did you try out any of the CVS deals I sent you information on?

  13. Hi Laurie-
    I just came across your blog and it’s awesome, I love all the ideas and tips! Anyhow, your blog today really struck me because I have been experiencing the same issues. So, my thoughts are that I am going to treasure the “doing” a little more and “the getting it done,” a little less!

  14. Jen – I love the grateful journal idea! I did it years ago and you’re right, it completely helps you stay focused on the positive aspects of life.

    I haven’t used the CVS deals but I really appreciate the e-mail. I’m not feeling well (again) and have company in town. But I really appreciate the info.

  15. I love your chore chart! I need one for my kids, my problem is ME. I am horrible about being consistant. Just one more thing to work on I guess.

    I too love the Trace Atkins song.

  16. ♥ I really like that song too! I have my kids help out with my most hated chores too. Seems to help some.

  17. Wow,that song hit home. It makes me want to slow down and spend some quality time with my kids! They are growing up so fast and I have recently decided to cut back my work hours to part time to be home more for just that reason. My years with them are too precious to miss so much of. I will miss the money, but my kids will be grown before I know it and those years are something we can’t get back! I am so looking forward to being home with them this summer on my days off.

  18. Hi-
    Just wondering if you found that chore chart online somewhere or if you just made it? I LOVE it!!

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