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The “Emma’s Garden Party” for church was rescheduled for last night. I sat at the blogger table with Mandy, Jen, and Carrie. It turned out to be a fun night – the food was so yummy!

Needless to say, set up was a lot faster and we included a few extra things to make it even better. To add to the good fortune (Karma and I made up), the men were playing basketball that night. So guess who batted some eye lashes and got all 8 of my trees loaded into my van with out lifting a finger. he he

I’m thinking we should change Enrichment night to Tuesdays, so the guys can clean up the tables and chairs every activity. That solves the “clean-up” committee problem. 😉

Afterwards, Trish and I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. I had read the book for book club and really liked it! Of course the book goes into more detail which is worth the read – but the movie was so well made and a must see, A-.

My family is going through more drama {{sigh}} but while I was watching this movie, I could look on the bright side. At least my parents never tried to pimp me out and I’m blessed to have an amazing relationship with my sister. How’s that for positive thinking. 😉

6 thoughts on “Rescheduled!

  1. ♥ I love all the decorations! Yay, for getting help from the guys!

    I’ll have to check that movie out! I’m always up for a good movie. 🙂

  2. oh I’m so glad you found someone to go to the movie with you. I went home and dropped into bed. I would have been drooling on your shoulder if I had gone with you.

    Job well done last night! It was a lovely event.

  3. It was a great night… and can’t wait til we have our REAL eating contest 🙂 Totally wish that I could have gone to the movie with you. I’m dying to see it… damn basketball that my husband didn’t end up even going to play! Oh well, another time…

  4. I’m so glad your party gor rescheduled!!! You worked hard for it and everything looked beautiful!!

  5. The gym looks amazing!! How did the spoons with flowers go over? And what do you mean you never got pimped out?? Did they do that to just me! I’m glad we over came our hatred and enjoy our differences now too 🙂

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